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by Rich Johnston



Monsieur Mallah is a superintelligent anthropomorphic gorilla supervillain, and loyal servant to the Brain. Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, they first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 in 1964, As a scientist, the man who would one day become known as the Brain performed experiments on animals to raise their intelligence. One of these was on a captured gorilla, raising its I.Q. to the genius-level of 178. He named the gorilla Monsieur Mallah and educated him for almost a decade before making him his personal assistant.

The scientist's colleague, Niles Caulder grew jealous of his work and arranged for the scientist to get caught in an explosion, which destroyed the scientist's body. Only the brain survived, and Caulder planned on putting his brain in a robot body.

Mallah rescued the scientist, taking his brain and transferring it to a computer network that kept it functioning. Now known simply as the Brain, the scientist and Mallah gathered together the criminal organization known as the Brotherhood of Evil in hopes of conquering the world and getting revenge on Caulder. Monsieur Mallah usually carries a machine gun.

During Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run, Mallah had the Brain placed in one of Robotman's bodies. In his new body, the Brain confessed to Mallah he was in love with him. Mallah revealed he felt the same way, and the two kissed. However, Robotman's body had developed sentience and vowed never to be enslaved by a brain again; when Mallah placed his lover in the body, he triggered a self-destruct mechanism, which exploded as they kissed.

The two would later resurface, the Brain back to floating in a jar, without explanation. A confrontation with Gorilla Grodd saw Grodd pick the Brain up and beat Mallah to death, smashing the Brain's protective hull in the process and killing him as well.

In the New 52, Brain and Monsieur Mallah first appear assisting Gorilla Grodd in taking over the remains of Central City at the time when The Black had taken over most of the world.

And today, they are back. Not just once but twice. We see them captured and humiliated by the Joker.

But in today's Red Hood: Outlaw #43, we meet a few old hands, from General Glory, created by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis for Justice League America in 1991 as a Captain America parody with exaggerated patriotic values. But now looking a little darker…

And a return to the Justice League International classic style of superheroic interview vox pops.

(Video) "The Brain" Evolution in Cartoons,Shows, and Video Games(DC Comics) (2003-2020)

But no, not for Monsieur Mallah and the Brain a mere headshot. Instead…

Neat trick when you are still imprisoned by the Joker. Don't worry, don't worry, Generation Zero: Gods Among Us is coming in May to make sense of it all.

(W) Scott Lobdell (A) ChrisCross, Scott Hanna (CA) Dan Mora
We're living in strange times! Magic and metahumans are everywhere, but good and evil are easy to spot-right? The heroes of the world would never let anything happen to it…unless it happened already. Red Hood and the Outlaws are about to discover that the line between moral and immoral is very thin indeed.In Shops: Feb 26, 2020 SRP: $3.99

(W) James Tynion IV (A) Javi Fernandez (A/CA) Steve Epting
Apex Lex Luthor's first run-in with the Infected didn't go as planned, and the Batman Who Laughs' influence is continuing to spread. Now Lex must find out who in the world can think like the Batman Who Laughs-and there are only two folks who come to mind. The first is Batman, who probably has his own ideas for Lex; the other is The Joker, who also likely has his own ideas, but who just maybe wants to see this twisted doppelgänger sent back to the Dark Multiverse he came from. It's a gamble Lex has to take, because the Infected are gearing up for round two! In Shops: Feb 26, 2020 SRP: $4.99

Red Hood: Outlaw #43 are Hell Arisen #3 are out today from DC Comics… I bought mine from Piranha Comics in Kingston-Upon-Thames.Piranha Comics is a small south London comic storechain with a small south-east store in Kingston-Upon Thames's market centre, which runsMagic The Gathering nights on Fridays, and a larger south-west store in Bromley, whichalso runs Magic nightsand hasan extensive back issue collection and online store. If you are in the neighbourhood, check them out.

Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain? (Spoilers) (5)

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Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain? (Spoilers) (11)Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain? (Spoilers) (12)Where In The World Are Monsieur Mallah And The Brain? (Spoilers) (13)

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Is Monsieur Mallah in love with Brain? ›

Just like the mainstream comics, Brain and Mallah are revealed to be lovers.

Where did Monsieur Mallah come from? ›

Monsieur Mallah first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 (March 1964) and was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani.

What is Monsieur Mallah backstory? ›

Mallah was part of a gorilla troop in Bwunda. In 2008, a thin man and an old woman came to Bwunda and captured him. They surgically enhanced his brain, giving him greater intelligence. Mallah approved of the change and betrayed his troop, helping to capture and enslave them.

What happened to the Brain in Doom Patrol? ›

The Brain is defeated by the League and the Doom Patrol, the League using cybernetic implants created by Niles Caulder to compensate for their lost powers.

What show is the Brain in Doom Patrol? ›

Ultimax, also known as the Brain, was the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil, until a fight with the Doom Patrol forced him to go into hiding. He is the main antagonist of season 3. Years later, Laura De Mille came back and made Ultimax and Monsieur Mallah go back to evil.

Which caste is Mallah? ›

Mallah IS notified as a Scheduled Caste in Delhi and West Bengal. Tradi- tionally, it is a community of boatmen.

Who is the monkey villain in DC? ›

Gorilla Grodd is a supervillain character appearing in American comic books and other media published by DC Comics, primarily as an enemy of The Flash. The character was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, and first appeared in The Flash #106 (May 1959).

How many properties does Ben Mallah own? ›

Their portfolio includes seven hotels, including the Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore, two commercial buildings and six residential properties across Tampa Bay, but the goal is to expand the Mallah brand to the higher-end hospitality industry for his children to inherit.

Was Ben Mallah in the military? ›

After dropping out of high school at 14, Ben started working as a messenger. At the age of 17, he joined the army, where he cultivated self-discipline.

How was Mister Mind created? ›

Mr Mind claimed to be from an alien planet of worms, however he was more intelligent than any other. The current version of Mister Mind, introduced by Jerry Ordway in his Power of Shazam! series, is a worm from the planet Venus, possessing powers which include mind control, telepathy, and mental image projection.

Who is impulse arch enemy? ›

And just as hope seemed lost, Barry and Iris' superhero speedster children Nora and Bart joined their parents in the Arrowverse's relative present to combat the mutual threat, with Bart making an emotional revelation: Godspeed is his own personal arch-nemesis.

Who helped launch the Vertigo Comics line aimed at adults with his work the Sandman? ›

Neil Gaiman, who went on to become a New York Times best-selling novelist, came to prominence four years pre-Vertigo with the launch of The Sandman for DC Comics, a title that became the backbone of the initial Vertigo line-up.

Who kills the Doom Patrol? ›

Drake killed off the entire Doom Patrol in the final issue, Doom Patrol #121 (September–October 1968) where Doom Patrol sacrificed their lives to Madame Rouge and General Zahl to save the small fishing village of Codsville, Maine.

Why did Doom Patrol turn into zombies? ›

Cliff and Jane try to get rid of Night Nurse's vomit until Jane spits up maggots. Because of the vomit, Jane, Cliff, Larry, Vic and Rita turn into zombies.

Who is the villain with exposed brain? ›

Monsieur Mallah is a supervillain in the DC comics. He is the right-hand man of fellow villain Brain and one of the few openly gay characters in mainstream comics - although this is a fairly recent development: he and Brain were officially exposed as lovers in Doom Patrol #34.

Is Doom Patrol season 3 the last season? ›

Doom Patrol is back for a "weird and wacky" fourth and final season, according to Joivan Wade, who plays Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. After three seasons of refusing to work together, the members of Doom Patrol are finally ready to become a team — with Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Woman, as their leader.

Why is the a talking cockroach in Doom Patrol? ›

Ezekiel was an intelligent cockroach with the ability to speak. He was deeply religious and believed he was worthy of great power. He, along with the rest of Cloverton, was sucked into the portal to the White Space, though he was freed by the Negative Spirit along with the rest of the town.

Why is chief in a wheelchair Doom Patrol? ›

The Chief appears in the Titans episode "Doom Patrol", portrayed by Bruno Bichir. This version saved the lives of fellow Doom Patrol members Rita Farr, Larry Trainor, and Cliff Steele as well as Gar Logan and Shyleen Lao. The Chief also regained the ability to walk until he is paralyzed by Rachel Roth.

What does the name Mallah mean? ›

Muslim (mainly Pakistan and the Levant) and Indian: occupational name from Arabic mallāḥ 'sailor'.

Who are Nishad people? ›

The Nishad are a Hindu caste, found in the Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. A Nishad man in a local fish market, Bihar (2020). In Bihar, the term refers to a group of around 20 communities whose traditional occupations centred on rivers, such as the Mallah.

Which caste is Kashmir? ›

The largest community within the Kashmiri Hindus are the Kashmiri Pandits (Kashmiri Brahmins), who are divided into several gotras, such as the priests (gor or bhasha Bhatta), astrologers (Zutshi), and workers (Karkun). The Wani are historically Banias, with subcastes, such as the Kesarwani.

Is Nighthawk the villain? ›

Nighthawk is a recurring antagonist in the 2010 Marvel Animated Universe. He is a recurring antagonist in Avengers Assemble. He is the main antagonist of the Squadron Supreme arc in the second season.

Who is Robin's main villain? ›

Genius Level Intelligence: Robin is one of the intelligent characters of the Teen Titans series. However, he is often outsmarted by his arch-enemy, Slade.

Who is weasel in DC? ›

Weasel is a weasel-like humanoid that killed twenty-seven children. He was incarcerated and became part of the first Task Force X strike team of the Corto Maltese mission. Upon reaching the island, Weasel drowned and the rest of the team believed that he died, but Weasel actually survived and stayed in Corto Maltese.

What company does Ben Mallah own? ›

Ben Mallah - CEO - Equity Management Partners Inc. LinkedIn.

How much is Ben Mallah house? ›

'' Mallah, who recently paid $16.5 million for a Belleair Shore mansion, said he plans to lease out the marina's 5,000 square feet of vacant retail space and add more entertainment options.

What hotels does Ben Mallah own? ›

Along with the Holiday Inn, he owns the Four Points by Sheraton Suites on W Cypress Street and the Ramada Inn on N Westshore Boulevard. Between the three, Mallah said, there are rooms for business travelers, tourists and budget travelers.

Who owned Ben Mallah's house before him? ›

Phillies star Ryan Howard sold this beachfront mansion to real estate mogul and entrepreneur Ben Mallah for $16.5-million several years ago.

What hotel does Ben Mallah own in Fort Lauderdale? ›

A company led by Equity Management Partners' Benjamin Mallah just picked up the Sheraton Suites Fort Lauderdale at Cypress Creek for $18.25 million, property records show.

Who is Vinson Mallah? ›

Vinson Mallah - Regional Director - Equity Management Partners Inc. LinkedIn.

Who bought Ryan Howard's house in Clearwater? ›

Developer Ben Mallah buys former Phillies slugger Ryan Howard's Pinellas home for $16.5 million. He said it's a gift for his wife for their 15th wedding anniversary.

Who owns Johns Pass? ›

Mallah, principal and founder at Equity Management Partners in Largo, purchased the Marina at Johns Pass, a mixed-use waterfront property at the tip of Madeira Beach, for $17.2 million.

How strong is Black Adam vs Superman? ›

The Edge for Black Adam

As far as strength is concerned, it's pretty much a wash. Earth's yellow sun gives Superman immense strength, while Black Adam's strength is, literally, a gift from the gods, specifically Amon. A street brawl between the two could go on for days with neither gaining the upper hand.

What does Shazam stand for Black Adam? ›

Black Adam Powers and Abilities: The Shazam Connection

For Black Adam, the magic word of Shazam stands for the Stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Heru, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the power of Aton, and the courage of Mehen.

How does Black Adam related to Shazam? ›

Adam gains his powers from a council of wizards who empower him with abilities from the Egyptian pantheon of gods. Whenever Adam speaks the word "Shazam!" he is granted godlike powers including superhuman strength and durability, flight, and the ability to generate lightning.

Who is Bart Allen love interest? ›

Valerie Perez is a fictional character, a DC Comics supporting character and love interest for Bart Allen when Bart was the Flash.

Who is Superman's evil twin? ›

Bizarro (/bɪˈzɑːroʊ/) is a supervillain/anti-hero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Otto Binder and artist George Papp as a "mirror image" of Superman, and first appeared in Superboy #68 (1958).

Is Impulse really Flash grandson? ›

Bartholomew "Bart" Allen is a speedster from the year 2056 and the grandson of Flash (Barry Allen). When he came to the past, he joined the Team under the name Impulse.

Is Johanna Constantine related to John Constantine? ›

Lady Johanna

She was created by Neil Gaiman as a tribute to Alan Moore, who created John Constantine. Operating as an occult detective and adventurer in the 18th and 19th centuries, Johanna Constantine is thus John Constantine's ancestor. And clearly John's inspiration for how he lives his own demon-hunting life.

Who are the seven endless? ›

The Endless are a family of beings who appear in American comic books published by DC Comics. The members of the family include Death, Delirium, Desire, Despair, Destiny, Destruction, and Dream.

Is Sandman a hero or villain? ›

A shapeshifter endowed through an accident with the ability to turn himself into sand, he started out as a recurring adversary to the superhero Spider-Man, but has been slowly redeemed over time, eventually becoming an antihero.

Does Cliff ever meet his daughter Doom Patrol? ›

Cliff visited Florida to reunite with his daughter, Clara, but Cliff was unable to reveal the truth to Clara because he was nervous. When they confronted Nobody, Cliff and the team found out that Niles was responsible for their accidents, causing him and the others to get upset with Niles and split up.

Why isn t beast boy in Doom Patrol? ›

He got sick and tired of Mento yelling at him and especially for letting their team mates' sacrifice all for nothing without any feints, even though Mento was aware of this, so Beast Boy left the Doom Patrol and joined the Teen Titans.

Does Doom Patrol have an ending? ›

Doom Patrol (TV series) The news that Doom Patrol will end with its current season 4 may be sad to fans who have been watching the surreal superhero show ever since it premiered on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service, but the show's producers have known for some time that they were approaching the end.

Why is zombie skin green? ›

Then, as the blood cells begin to burst, they release hemoglobin into the surrounding tissue. This stains the tissue with a red or reddish-brown hue. As the body decomposes further, chemical changes take place that produce skin colors including greenish-yellow, greenish-blue or greenish-black.

Why is Kay so important in Doom Patrol? ›

Psychic Construction: Kay has been stated to be the one responsible for creating The Underground, as seen in "Possibilities Patrol", where she admitted to creating the Underground when the number of her alters began to grow.

Why did some of the zombies have blue eyes? ›

The simplest explanation is the blue-eyed zombies in Army of the Dead aren't zombies at all. They are actually robots that are living in the zombie kingdom of Las Vegas.

Is the thinker a good guy? ›

Des Connor was a villain who also used the name "the Thinker" and faced Batman in Gotham City.

How strong is Mister Mind? ›

Powers and Abilities

telepathy: Mister Mind is one of Earth's most formidable pshycics. He is able to read and take control of an individual's mind. SIlk produciton: He also has the ability to spin very strong silk at speeds faster than the eye can see. Size manipulation:at the height of his metamorphic life cycle.

Is the Brain brainiac? ›

Brainiac, sometimes also known as Milton Fine or as the Brain InterActive Construct to Kryptonians, is a robotic/computerized supervillain, who is one of Superman's main nemeses aside from Lex Luthor.


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