Two Mechanics Worked On A Car. The First Mechanic Worked For 20 Hours, And The Second Mechanic Worked (2023)

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Answer 1

20x + 5y = 1900
x + y = 155....multiply by -20
20x + 5y = 1900
-20x - 20y = - 3100 (result of multiplying by -20)
-15y = -1200
y = -1200/-15
y = 80

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A warehouse has 784 barrels of a chemical. You require 98 barrels for one run of your process. How many barrels will be left after one run?


686 barrels left. If I'm not mistaken this should just be simple subtraction

Table that organizes two categorical variables is called?
It says it has 13 letters


A table that organizes two categorical variables is called a two - way table. It is a table that examines the correlation between two categorical variables. values that are placed inside the table can be shown as relative frequencies or frequency counts or can be graphically shown as segmented bar chart. The rows represent a category and the columnsrepresent another category. An example would be a question whether how many males or females in a class. Some will answer yes or no. So we will have rows that shows the gender and columns that shows the answer. The intersection between the rows and columns indicates their answer in a specific class. This is a two way table.

Carissa is budgeting for her next semester at college. She spent $50 on gas this month. Economists are predicting gas prices to rise 8% per month for the next 6 months. How much should she budget for gas if classes start next month and are 4 months long? The answer is D.243.33
(I looked up the question and couldnt find it so i thought i'd post it for anyone who needed it)


Spent on gas this month = $50.

Predicted spent of gas next month = $50 * 1.08

Predicted spent of gases for the four months:

$50 * 1.08
$50 * 1.08^2
$50 * 1.08^3
$50 * 1.08^4

Total spent for the four months: $50 (1.08 + 1.08^2 + 1.08^3 + 1.08^4) = $50 * (4.8666) = $243.33, which is the option D. 243.33



Step-by-step explanation:

edg 2021

Ind the area of an octagon with a radius of 6 meters. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.


Area of an octagon :
A = 2 a² ( 1 + √ 2 )
and a = r √ 2
a = 6 √ 2
A = 2 * ( 6 √2 )² * ( 1 + √ 2 ) =
= 2 * 72 ( 1 + √ 2 ) =
= 144 * ( 1 + √ 2 ) m² = 144 + 144 √2 ≈ 347.65 m²

In spherical geometry, which indicates the possible number of right angles a triangle may have? 1
All of the above


In planar geometry, we know that the sum of all angles of a triangle is exactly 180°, However, in spherical geometry, different rules apply. When three arcs drawn on the surface of the sphere are connected together through vertices, that is called a spherical triangle. In that case, the sum of all three angles of a spherical triangle is between 180° and 540°.

So, if a triangle has one 90° angle, there are still excess angles to make up for a maximum of 540°. The same is true for two 90° angles. You would exceed 180° but that is just the lower limit so that is still acceptable. If you have three 90° angles, you form a spherical triangle with a total of 270°, which is within the given range. Thus, the answer is all of the above.

The graph below shows a line segment PQ: graph of line PQ going through ordered pairs negative 1, 3 and 2, negative 3 Which of the following equations best represents the line segment PQ?A: y = −3x + 2B: y = −2x + 1C: y = −3x − 2D: y = −2x − 1

(Video) Two Mechanics worked on a car./MHH


You actually don't need a graph to be able to solve this equation. As long as you are given two data points, you can already solve for the linear equation.

The most common way of writing linear equations is the slope-intercept form:
y = mx + b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

The slope is the ratio of the change of y to the change of x coordinates. Let's say point 1 is (-1,3) and point 2 is (2,-3). Then,

m = (-3-3)/(2-⁻1) = -2

Next, we use any of the given point to the standard equation along with the m to find b. Let's use (-1,3)

3 = -2(-1)+b
b = 1

Thus, the complete linear equation is y = -2x + 1. The answer is B.

Jessica attains a height of 4.7 feet above the launch and landing ramps after 1 second. Her initial velocity is 25 feet per second. Find the angle of her launch. a. Which equation can you use with the given information to solve for ?


To answer this question, we convert first the given height and velocity to SI units so we could more comfortably use the equation. The conversion factor to be used is 1 m = 3.28 ft
Height = 4.7 ft x (1 m/ 3.28 ft) = 1.43 m
Velocity = 25 ft / s x (1 m / 3.28 ft) = 7.62 m/s

The maximum height that can be attained by an object following a projectile path is calculated through the equation,
H = (v₀²)(sin²θ) / 2g
where v₀ is the initial velocity, H is the maximum height and g is the acceleration due to gravity.

Transforming the equation to calculate forθ,
sinθ = sqrt ((H)(2g) /(v₀²))
sinθ = sqrt ((1.43)(2)(9.8)) / (7.62²))
sinθ = 0.76

We calculate for the angle by getting the arcsin.
sin⁻¹ (0.76) = 49.46°

ANSWER: 49.46°

What is the simplified form of x+7/x+3 + x-4/3



Step-by-step explanation:

The expression is as follows:

To simplify we need to get rid of the denominators for each expression. We can see that the denominators are (x+3) and 3. We therefore mutliply the expression with 3(x+3):

Simplify the expression

2x+18 or 2(x+9)

Write the equation in point slope form and slope intercept form given the line goes through the following points (0,1) and (3,-8). Show all work to receive full credit. Please give the full answer.


P1=(0,1) P2=(3.-2)

Which expression is equivalent to (2x^2 + 4x – 7)(x – 3)? A. x(2x^2 + 4x – 7) + 3(2x^2 + 4x – 7)
B. x(2x^2 + 4x – 7) – 3
C. –3x(2x^2 + 4x – 7)
D. (2x^2 + 4x – 7)(x) + (2x^2 + 4x – 7)(–3)


The expression (2x² + 4x – 7)(x – 3) is equivalent to the expression (2x² + 4x – 7)(x) + (2x² + 4x – 7)(–3) option (D) is correct.

What is an expression?

It is defined as the combination of constants and variables with mathematical operators.

We have an expression:

= (2x² + 4x – 7)(x – 3)

After using the distributive property:

= (2x² + 4x – 7)(x) + (2x² + 4x – 7)(–3)

Distributed the whole term (2x² + 4x – 7) with (x - 3)

Thus, the expression (2x² + 4x – 7)(x – 3) is equivalent to the expression (2x² + 4x – 7)(x) + (2x² + 4x – 7)(–3) option (D) is correct.

Learn more about the expression here:


(Video) ALEKS: Solving a value mixture problem using a system of linear equations (KC)

How many different ways can an after school club of 13 students line up


13 x 13 = 169 different ways.

Answer: 6227020800

Step-by-step explanation:

Complete the general form of the equation of a sinusoidal function having an amplitude of 1, a period of pi/2 , and a vertical shift up 3 units.


Sinusoidal equations are trigonometric functions involving sine and cosine functions. Graphically, they look like wave patterns having amplitudes and periods. The general form of a sinusoidal equation is

y = A sin(Bx + C) + D


A = amplitude
B = frequency
C = shift on starting angle
D = shift of wave on the y-axis

From the given problem, A = 1 and D = 3. There is no value for C because there is no mention of any shift in angle. About the frequency, you can obtain this by getting the reciprocal of the period. Thus, B = 2/π. The complete equation is

y = sin(2x/π) + 3


y = sin(4x) + 3

Step-by-step explanation:

y = Asin(Bx + C) + D

A is amplitude = 1

B = 2pi/period = 2pi / (pi/2) = 4

C does not mention.

D: shift up or down = 3

=> y = sin(4x) + 3

a basketball coach is purchasing 12 shirts for her team, each with a different number. at the checkout counter the clerk places 5 of the shirts in the first bag. how many different ways can a group of 5 shirts be placed in that first bag


60 different ways...
12 * 5


792 ways

Step-by-step explanation:

(Video) MTH 5 Unit 5 Day 13 Notes

Which is a correct first step for solving this equation? x+7=2x+5−4x


The correct first step would be to gather all like terms together:
2x-4x-x = 7+ 5
-3x = 12
x = -4



Given g(x)=Squareroot x-4 and h(x)=2x-8, what are the restriction on the domain of gofh? x>?


The domain of the (goh)(x) will be [6, ∞).

What are domain and range?

The domain means all the possible values of x and the range means all the possible values of y.

The functions are given below.

g(x) = √(x - 4) and h(x) = 2x - 8

Then the function f of g (x) will be

(goh)(x) = g(h(x))

(goh)(x) = √((2x - 8) - 4)

(goh)(x) = √(2x - 12)

Then the domain of the (goh)(x) will be

We know that the value under the square root should be greater than zero.

2x - 12 ≥ 0

2x ≥ 12

x ≥ 6

The domain of the (goh)(x) will be [6, ∞).

More about the domain and range link is given below.


Now, there's a restriction inside the square root
Thus, 2x - 12≥ 0
2x≥ 12
x≥ 6

A group of college students are volunteering for help the homeless during spring break. They are putting the finishing touches on a house they built. Working alone, irina can paint a certain room in 4 hours. Paulo can paint the same room in 3 hours. write an equation that can be used to find how long it will take them working together to paint the room. how many hours will it take them to paint the room? A.12 hours
B.1.71 hours
C.0.14 hours
D.3.5 hours


Let us say that x is the total amount of time it will take if they work together.

From the given statement above, we know that the rate of Irina working alone is 1 job / 4 hours. While that of Paulo is 1 job / 3 hours. Where 1 job indicates to the job of completely painting the room. So adding the two rates would result in 1 job / x hours. Therefore:

1 / 4 + 1 / 3 = 1 / x

Multiplying both sides with 12 x:

(1 / 4 + 1 / 3 = 1 / x) 12 x

3 x + 4 x = 12

(Video) Solving a Value Mixture Problem Using a System of Linear Equations

7 x = 12

x = 1.71 hours

So working together, they can paint the room for 1.71 hours.



The _____ of a central angle are two radii of the circle. A. sides
B. arcs
C. verticals
D. measures




Step-by-step explanation:

The central angle is the angle made by any arc at the center of the circle.Central angle is formed by two rays from the centre which cuts the circle at two points .The part of the two rays which lie inside the circle is the radius of the circle .

We say :

The sides of a central angle are two radii of the circle.

The sides of a central angle are two radii of the circle.


An angle whose vertex is at the center of a circle is a middle angle of that circle. A. True
B. False


B. False

Because n angle whose vertex is at the center of a circle is a CENTRAL angle of that circle

An angle whose vertex is at the center of a circle is a middle angle of that circle.

This is false because there can be numerous angles in the center of a circle. Moreover, the angle whose vertex is at the center is called a central angle. The two endpoints of this angle and located at the circumference or outline of the circle and the vertex is located at the center of that circle.

JKLM is a rhombus. KM is 6 and JL is 8. Find the perimeter of the rhombus.


Cut into four triangles. The middle to M will be 3 and the middle to L will be 4. a^2+b^2=c^2... 3^2+4^2=c^2, square root C and get the hypotenuse for one side. Then multiply it by 4 to get the perimeter.

The perimeter of rhombus JKLM is 28.

Use the remainder theorem to determine the remainder when 3t2 + 5t − 7 is divided by t − 5. A. 93 B. 43 C. 107 D. 57


Using remainder theorem, we get:

Substitute t = 5 into the equation:

Thus, we get a remainder of 93 or (A)

The answer for your question is A. 93

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