Simon The Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (2023)

Simon The Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens: Passage

Simon The Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (1)
Part 1

We go to the Magic World:

After the introductory roller, our ward will appear. Simon. Anxious sleep forces him to go to the Magic World. As we already know the previous games, the portal in the magic world is the usual closet. But to make it work, you need to “feed it”. Ideal for milk contained in a glass that can be found on the floor near the table. We use a glass with milk on the closet. Then we climb the inside of furniture designed for clothing storage. As a result, Simon will be in the magic world, where it will be the first thing to meet Alix. After conversation with her in our inventory will turn out to be a ring.

Look at sight. We are now standing at the crossroads of 5 paths. The path above the cabinet leads to the lumberjack hut, the path near her will lead to the troll bridge. If you go along the trail, leading to the left, then we will reach the carpenter’s workshop. The trail on the right will lead us to the banks of the river. Also on the right extends an unknown way, going through which we will again be found at the crossroads.

We go to a carpenter’s workshop. Speak with him. We select a kitchen knife lying on the ground near the boxes and barrels. Take a saucepan standing in front of the basement window, pick up a dandelion near the steps. Behind the chair, we find and take a bucket with a washcloth and a shovel.

Speak with a red hat riding a skateboard. She will download us with their problem. The rabbit pulled a cap and hid it in his hole. You need somehow get it.

Help a red hat:

Explore the rabbit Nora. Then we speak again with a red hat. We go to the lumberjack hut. We speak with him, get a wooden bar. We take a sickle, lying behind the lumberjack near the trunks, and the hammer on the right of the hut. We go to a carpenter’s workshop. Please make it from a wooden bar a rabbit trap. Return to the intersection. Put the trap for the rabbit before the hole. Dandelion Use as bait.

The rabbit will not react to the bait. We will “improve” it. Go to the river bank. We see a dead wild rig lying on the path. We use a dandelion on the corpse to sprinkle it with blood. Once we are here, we select a rope that lies on the pier. We pay attention to the scene and on the van on the left.

Return to the intersection. Use the bloody dandelion on a trap as bait. The rabbit will be caught. Explore His Nora, we find a black cap. Give her red hat. In the end, she will take us to her mom.

We speak with mom of a red hat. She will give us a basket with products that we have to attribute to grandmother

We carry my grandmother food, passing away from the troll:

We go to the troll bridge. Speak with the utter blocking further path. He will require a fee for the possibility of crossing the bridge. Exit from this situation is simple. We combine in inventory Sickle with a rope to get an artificial liano. Then use it on the branches of the tree. Simon will fulfill the trick that inadvertently will appear troll to get off the way.

Cross the bridge. We pass by the closed door of the temple of the dead in the forest, where there is a girlfriend. Inside the house we speak with granny. Give her a basket with food, in return get the map of the area. From now on, moving between locations will be quite simple. Enough to choose the right place destination on the map.

Open the map. Choose a location with a crossroads where Simon will take off for its twin. As a result, he will find the way to the city.

In the city:

Talking with Alix, we go to the alley, where we speak with a drinking wolf. We select a bottle with alcohol. We go to the left in the dark alley. There we will meet your twin, which will call for help guard. As a result, we will be put in prison. After ease of conversation outside the door and conversation face to face with Abrey Cadabro, proceed to the preparation of escape.

We take an escape from prison:

Take a straw lying under the window. In a bottle with alcohol add urine from urine. The resulting corrosive composition use on the door. Let’s leave the chamber. In the next chamber through the door we are talking to the old familiar Zlatovla.

Select the red rug lying on the floor. We go to the left. We take magic glasses to decryption and scroll;From the chair – the flask. Inventory combine magic glasses with a scroll. Expanded scrolls We use on the door of Camera Zlatovlaski. We go inside the chamber. We speak with Zlatovskaya and Ghost Julius. We select from the floor to the hairpin. Take a straw and a red handkerchief that will lie under the window.

Let’s leave the chamber. We use a hairpin on the door leading to the dark alley. Simon will open the door, but in order to leave we need to take care of the creation of a mannequin. Go to the camera Simon. Inventory, combine two stacks of straws, then combine them with a red carpet to get the body of Simon Mannequin. Put the body on the topchan. In the inventory, combine the flask with a red scarf to get the head of Simon Mannequin. She is inserted into the body. Mannequin is ready.

We look at Square:

We leave prison in the dark alley, where Simon read the announcement of the club. We go to Square. We go to the left. Trying to enter the club. But without a membership card, we will not succeed. Speak with pizza dog. Take a cardboard cup lying on the right side of the baker. Next, speak with yoga. We read two ads attached to the blackboard, then go inside the Town Hall. From the boards on the right removing the red magnet. With the admission take ink. Behind the adjustment from the card files, we get a whole compartment with membership cards. Speak with civil servants.

We find a means of movement for a baker to find out where the double lives:

Leaving Square. We go to the initial location of the city, where we go to the store Calypso. We speak with Alix, then with the ghost of her grandfather. We take a balloon filled with helium. We read a big book lying in the left left of the store. We get flyer.

We go to the troll bridge. We look into a hollow tree. We speak with the Dragon living there with terribiques. Learn that he sells all. Go to workshop. Speak with a red hat, her mom and a carpenter. Go to the intersection. We speak there with a red hat, carrying grandmother a basket with food.

We go to the city. Go to the lane. Speak with wolf. We offer him go eat my grandmother and at the same time a red hat.

We step to the house grandmother. Speak with wolf. Simon will give him a ball with helium during a conversation. Return to the intersection. There is no red hats in place, probably she went to her grandmother. We go to the house of Grabuli. We speak with the wolf. Then go back to the intersection where we speak with a red hat. After the scene of eating a wolf grandmother and a red hats, we step again to the house of grandmother. We take a skateboard attached to the wall.

We go to the city. Speak with pizza dog. We give him a skateboard and order pizza with cherries and anchovies. Simon will follow the aback. As a result, we will find where the twin lives. From the garbage bucket we get pizza. Go to the house where liar Simon lives. We will open top view on all rooms at home. Before we can proceed to search, we need to get a device for observation.

We produce a magic device for observation at a distance:

We go to the troll bridge. Speak with the dragon about the device. He sold the magic mirror on the rich, who previously wanted to beat our familiar Zlatovlask. We know what happened to her. We go to the city. We pass into the dark alley, where through the window speak with Zlatovka. If we bring her a bottle, buried in the forest, then she will give us the address of the rich.

Go to my grandmother’s house. To the left of the house we find moss. ROOM in this place a shovel pit, from which then get a bottle with a magic elixir. Return to Zlatovlask. Speak with Ne. In the inventory, overflow a liquid from a bottle with a magic elixir into a cardboard cup. Give the cup of Zlatovsk. Having learned where the rich is live, move to the exit from the alley. From the barrel to the left of the exit, we get a secret plan, on the location where the wolf had previously stood, we go to the right and there from the barrel I pull the plug.

Go to the villa, which is located to the right of the square. We try to use a jacket with a teleportation elixir. But since we are unknown, where west, Simon will decide not to risk until the compass is found. We go to the house grandmother. I pull one needle from the pads from the pads with needle. We speak with the wolf.

We go to the house of the tool manufacturer, the entrance to which is located in the town in the city. We speak with the master. Take scores from the table in the long part of the room. We study the scores in the inventory. As a result, only beads will remain from accounts. We try to take a bowl of water that stands on the floor. We speak again with the master, after which a bowl with water can be taken.

Go to Ville. Combine in inventory a magnet with a needle, then a magnetic needle – with a plug. Next, we combine a magnetic needle inserted into a plug, with a mission filled with water. It turns out the compass. We use it on the villa to establish where the West is located, and then we already use a jar with a teleportation elixir.

Inside the villa speak with the rich. Give him pizza in exchange for the mirror. We use the ring on the mirror, and then a sledgehammer. In our inventory, a magical fragment of the magic mirror will appear – a miniature instrument for monitoring anyone at a distance.

To the left of the hatch we find an active point. Click on her. In Simon, a dart will fly out, which will then be asced to inventory. Open the hatch, go down to the collector. Find out as a result in the alley. Go to the house of the double.

We produce a membership ticket of the twin:

Now that we have a fragment of a magic mirror, we can look in the house of the twin. From the kitchen we take a long stick and bucket. In the bathroom fill the bucket with water from the pool. Also with bedside tables take shampoo. On the terrace from the cell pull out the crot. In the inventory, placing the crot on a long stick. We get a kind of “device” for digging. In the garden we use copal on the pit. Pull the bone. In the living room we use bone on poodle. He will follow us. We drive it into the kitchen, where the bone is thrown into the window. Poodle will pop up after her. Return to the living room. Fill fire in the fireplace with water faith. From the fireplace, we take the charcoal, and we take a poker from the bedside tables. In the lobby we open the Kocherg cheer. Get the key out of it. Pour shampoo on polished floor. Open the door to the laboratory. From the table of the laboratory we take a recipe for the black powder. We read it in inventory. Use charcoal on the desktop. After a double falls to sleep, go to his office.

Remove the parrot peg. We take the ink cartbed with the feather. We explore the table, we get a piece of paper with a mystery. We read it in inventory. Learning the bookcase, from the book of love letters we take one letter. We read it in inventory. We read the inventory book lying on the table on the right. We study safe. Safety code is hidden in paper with a mystery. Ripping it, we get the code 3421. Enter the code, open the safe, get a false diamond from it.

Read lying on the table a list of what needs to be done. We use the inkner with the pen on the list to enter your item. Open the window. We are waiting for some time. Twin will have to come to the office and put a membership card on the table. take the ticket. We leave the house.

We go to the store Calypso. We talk with Alix. We show her parrot. Also, we try to talk to Calypso.

Tolerant marsh soup Zumpflinga, learn from him information about double:

Go to the club. Show a membership card at the entrance. Inside of the cabinet took out a box with white gloves. From the wall remove the dart board. We speak with Zumpflingom. By tradition, Simon must, before anything else to ask, try swamp soup, which he hates. For the solution to go to yoga. Speak with him. He will help only if we find for him a new kind of non-physical pain. Go into the alley. We speak with former rich man, sitting on boxes. To it descended from the tax and charged to a round sum score. Please give us a tax notice. This notification is then give yoga that he experienced hitherto untested pain.

After the lessons, which teach yoga Simon control your gastrointestinal tract, return to the club. We speak with zomplefling. Touching his swamp soup, we will get a new portion of information about the twin. He is often found with a bad guy Calaba, who lives in the castle. Simon will want to warn Alix that the twin is dangerous. But she needs evidence of this statement.

We are trying to get into the castle:

Go to the castle. Speak with sentoral. We study the monster, rushing under the bridge. We go to the construction site. On the wall we see only drawn passage. From the wall of the van remove the construction plan. There is nothing more here. We go out and talk with a sentiment on how to get inside the castle.

We step in the town hall. We ask the civil servant about possible ways that you can get inside the castle. Nothing easy. So we get quite expected answer. His grandson was played with archives and now four plans and two models are scattered somewhere in the city or even out of it. We take a construction plan, among other papers. From the bottom of the rack, remove the wolf wrapping poster. Cardboard model lock.

Look in the store Calypso. Speak with Alix about the device by translating objects in different states. In the demonstration of this miracle we will be denied. With the push, we take a model of a lock made of cubes. We speak Calypso. Since we read the announcement in the town hall for the reception of the ghost to work in the castle, Simon will offer Calypso to try his hand.

At the construction site, we speak Calypso that he spies inside the castle. When Calypso returns, he will inform us that it did not approach this role due to the lack of chain and the formidable.

We produce Calipo chain, we free the soul of Julia:

We speak in a dark alley with a ghost Julia, innocently convicted of painting paintings. If we are able to prove his innocence, he will be free and gives us his chain. If you did not take a secret plan from the barrel, then do it now. Speak in the alley with the beggar. We go to the town hall, where we speak with civil servants regarding theft of painting and the innocence of Julia. If you show the newsletter with white gloves, then the case does not particularly help.

Go to the club. We try to take a picture of Mona Lizi. We speak with zomplefling about the former owner, about paintings and gloves. After a conversation, Zomplefling will leave the club. We try to take a picture of Monu Lisa. Simon will objection against the weight of the painting. Then we look at the nail on which the picture hangs, and then we use on the tip of the nail (and not on his hat) a sledgehammer. Frame with the picture will fall on the floor and breaks. We take the canvas Mona Lisa. We look at the canvas in the inventory. We detect the different drawing under the drawing. We combine in inventory a canvas with a bucket and sponge. We get a true picture with a modern image.

Show the picture by the civil service in the town hall. But since there is no identification signs of the painter in the picture, it cannot serve as evidence of innocence in Julia. We remember that the tool manufacturer also also knows something about art. Go to it. We learn the author of this work. Return to the town hall. With the new information of the civil service will be able to convince Julia in innocence. We receive from the civil service document on innocence that the ghost of Julia. Now that Julia is free, he will drive into heaven, leaving, as promised, his chain.

Give the Calipo chain located at the construction site. Next, we will teach Julia Grozny.

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