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Welcome to the Hero Overview! This article is the place to be if you're undecided on what character to play. Each of the unique Heroes in Torchlight Infinite are specialized for different playstyles; these should be thought of as archetype enablers rather than "classes". Each of the 7 Heroes have up to 3 Hero Traits that further customize gameplay. Much like Ascendancies in Path of Exile, or sub-classes in Lost Ark these can completely change the type of build a Hero is best for. For example, Carino's Lethal Flash Trait allows projectile skills to Shotgun and Return, making sources of additional projectiles become a powerful damage multiplier!

Hero Trait Selection is permanent, so if you start playing Carino's Lethal Flash Trait and want to swap to his Ranger of Glory Trait later, you need to level a new character. A wide selection of base Hero Traits are available to you when you start playing Torchlight Infinite. Additional traits can be earned with Hero Emblems, or purchased for $15 through the Season Pass or in the shop. In future Seasons the current paid traits will be earnable through Hero Emblems.

Base Traits (Free)

  • Rehan - Anger
  • Carino - Ranger of Glory
  • Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion
  • Youga - Spacetime Illusion
  • Moto - Order Calling

Earnable Traits

  • Youga - Spacetime Elapse
  • Carino - Lethal Flash
  • Gemma - Frostbitten Heart

Paid Traits

  • Thea - Wisdom of The Gods
  • Erika - Wind Stalker
  • Moto - Charge Calling
  • Rehan - Seething Silhouette
(Video) What's the Best Starter for Cube of Rapacity?

WARNING: The leveling speed shouldn't be the deciding factor for your Hero Trait of choice. The average player needs about 6 hours to reach level 68 and unlock the end game content. Once you reach that point, the leveling speed of a Hero Trait won't matter anymore for the rest of your journey in the world of Leptis.

Berserker Rehan

Select Hero Trait


Seething Silhouette

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (2)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (3)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (4)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (5)

Anger Identity

Berserker Rehan's Anger Trait uses attacks to generate Rage, then triggers Burst to damage enemies. If you're looking for a straightforward attack build then Rehan's Anger Trait is a great choice for new players. He's easy to play and very fast. Once Rehan starts Berserk you know things have gotten serious! Like many Berserker or Warrior archetypes in other games, Rehan is loud, large, and in charge.


Rehan's Anger Trait is ideal for playing tanky melee builds, because Burst can be used for utility instead of just damage. With Rampaging you add Hardened and Mark as Supports. Whenever Burst triggers it gives you a powerful defensive bonus, Hardened reducing all damage you take, and Marks enemies making it easier for you to hit them and raising your Critical Strike Damage.

This is one of the most versatile Hero Traits in Torchlight Infinite, and can be played with a wide range of Attack based builds. You can play a tanky melee build who is able to take hits from the scariest bosses Leptis has to offer, or a super high damage fast glass cannon where every fight is kill or be killed. Some popular Endgame builds for Anger include Whirlwind, Flame Slash, and Trigger builds which take advantage of his Crit scaling via Cast on Critical Strike.

This is also one of the easiest Hero Traits to level, equip Leap Attack, grab some weapons and you are level 68 before you know it!

Anger Pros & Cons

✔ Base Hero Trait
✔ Beginner Friendly
✔ Great for Any Attack Build

❌ Very Popular
❌ Bad for Spells
❌ Deals Self Damage

For more Berserker Rehan - Anger Builds check out our Leveling Guide here, and our Endgame Guides focused around Whirlwind or Savage Charge and Exquisite Box.

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (6)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (7)

Divineshot Carino

Select Hero Trait

Ranger of Glory

Lethal Flash

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (8)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (9)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (10)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (11)

Ranger of Glory Identity

Divineshot Carino's Ranger of Glory Trait specializes in enhancing projectile Skills via Special Ammo. Be it Attacks, or Spells if you can shoot the Skill forward, up or in a parabolic arc (IE: projectiles) Carino is a great choice. Reload is a bit clunky at first but effects like Ammo Expert and Magic Shot streamline it making him much easier to play.


Carino's Ranger of Glory Trait only buffs Skills with a projectile tag, so he's not suitable for other types of builds. This trait excels when used with projectile Skills that innately shotgun, or in builds that don't require shotgunning mechanics like: Bombard or Ignite builds! You spend most of your time in Magic Shot adding additional supports like Greater Multiple Projectiles or Mark.

(Video) How to level up Charge Calling Commander Moto in Season 3 of Torchlight: Infinite

Some of the popular builds from Season 1 included Evasion stacking with Dumb Voice to get massive damage, Electrifying Shot Dexterity stacking to take advantage of the free pierce for great clear speed, or Ignite builds leveraging King Lionheart's Ambition.

This Hero Trait is quite easy to level, but can be an acquired taste. Blink Bow offers high speed and damage but requires that you constantly aim in the opposite direction and wedge yourself up against walls.

Ranger of Glory Pros & Cons

✔ Base Hero Trait
✔ Lots of Customization
✔ Amazing for Projectiles

❌ Feels Bad Early On
❌ No Innate Defenses
❌ Mechanically Intense

For more Divineshot Carino - Ranger of Glory Builds check out our Leveling Guides around Blink Bow and Split Arrow, or our Endgame Guide focused around Electrifying Shot Ignite.

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (12)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (13)

Frostfire Gemma

Select Hero Trait

Ice-Fire Fusion

Frostbitten Heart

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (14)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (15)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (16)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (17)

Ice-Fire Fusion Identity

Gemma's Ice-Fire Fusion Trait specializes in combining damage types from multiple elements, Frostfire Strength applies Fire damage bonuses to Cold damage and vice versa. This makes her an excellent choice for mixing and matching Elemental Skills of almost any type because you apply all your damage bonuses to any of them.


Because Ice-Fire Fusion fusion is heavily focused on the use of Elemental Skills it's difficult to use Physical or Erosion skills on her. Gemma is a versatile Hero, and the best way to mix different types of Elemental Skills like on a DoT build combining Flame Jet with Frost Terra. In the endgame, Extreme Fusion applies all of her Fire and Cold bonuses to Lightning as well!

Because of her versatility, Ice-Fire Fusion Gemma sees an extremely wide range of builds. Flame Slash remains popular, but Ice Lances, Flame Pillar, and Ice Shot Ignite all saw use in Season 1.

Ice-Fire Fusion is a breeze to level, grab a Cold Skill like Ring of Ice or a Fire Skill such as Flame Jet and enjoy the campaign!

Ice-Fire Fusion Pros & Cons

✔ Base Hero Trait
✔ Beginner Friendly
✔ Great for Attacks or Spells

❌ Mechanically Complex
❌ Requires Elemental Skills
❌ Weaker (For Cold) than Frostbitten Heart

For more Frostfire Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion Builds check out our Leveling Guide here, and our Endgame Guide focused around Flame Slash.

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (18)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (19)

Spacetime Witness Youga

Select Hero Trait

Spacetime Illusion

Spacetime Elapse

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (20)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (21)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (22)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (23)

Spacetime Illusion Identity

Youga never fights alone, he summons a Spacetime Illusion which copies your Main Spell Skills. Unfortunately the Illusion hasn't quite figured out how to use Attacks or Channeled Skills but is a great way to add a consistent source of damage so you can focus on dodging! Most importantly Youga does not use hair spray and reminds you of this frequently.


Because Spacetime Illusion is reliant on his clone you want to put your strongest Skill in slot 1, referred to as a "Main Skill" in Torchlight Infinite. Spacetime Illusion combines with Synchronized Time to raise the Illusion's cast limit. New to Season 2 you can pull your Illusion to your location with the Hero Skill Button. Spacetime Illusion's strength lies in having high damage persistence in a manner similar to damage over time builds. Even if you have to run around and dodge the boss, your Illusion keeps casting (this is a damage loss, but better than doing no damage until you stop).

The most popular build on Spacetime Illusion is Ice Lances and Frost Terra by far. It combines long-range projectiles with a closer-range damage boosting Skill. However, in many cases Spacetime Illusion builds are weaker than the same Skill/item combination would be on other Hero Traits.

Spacetime Illusion isn't the worst Hero Trait to level with, nor is it the best. He can use a wide selection of Spell Skills and is generally better than Spacetime Elapse, but worse than a stand out leveling Hero Trait like Gemma's Ice-Fire Fusion.

Spacetime Illusion Pros & Cons

✔ Has a Clone
✔ Very Unpopular
✔ Doesn't Use Hairspray

❌ Low Damage
❌ Clone Can't Use Attacks
❌ Builds are Better on Other Heroes

For more Spacetime Witness Youga - Spacetime Illusion Builds check out our Leveling Guide here.

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (24)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (25)

(Video) [Torchlight Infinite] Rank 2 level 100 EU Season 3. Seething Rehan t7 speedfarm

Commander Moto

Select Hero Trait

Order Calling

Charge Calling

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (26)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (27)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (28)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (29)

Order Calling Identity

If you like Minion builds, then Commander Moto is your dwarf! Order Calling specializes in enhancing your Summon Machine Guard, Summon Spider Tank, and Spirit Magus Skills via Overload. This makes for a more active playstyle than many Minion builds in other ARPGs.


Your minions are largely persistent, because Overload refreshes their duration when used. Last Stand makes your Minions immortal, preventing their death by damage so long as Overload is active, and many of Moto's other Hero Traits focus on enhancing Overload effect. Whenever you summon a Minion or use a Minion Skill like Dark Gate (which is helpful for pulling your Minions to your location) you cast Overload if it's off cooldown. This makes it quite easy to maintain buffs. Protection Field is an excellent Defensive option on Moto, because Taunt forces enemies to attack your Minions, leaving you safe.

Popular Order Calling builds are usually formed around a core item. Decayed Mind converts Minion Physical damage to Erosion damage, allowing your Minions additional layers of damage scaling. Alternatively you can combine a smaller number of Synthetic Troops with a powerful Spirit Magus and build around the Machine Lord, specializing in Elemental damage.

When it comes to leveling, Moto has it pretty easy. You won't be quite as fast as Rehan or Carino, but enemies waste a lot of time attacking your Minions instead of you which makes for a very safe and easy experience!

Order Calling Pros & Cons

✔ Minion Builds
✔ Base Hero Trait
✔ Beginner & Mobile Friendly

❌ Gearing is Confusing
❌ Terrible for Non-Minions
❌ Body Blocked by Minions

For more Moto - Order Calling Builds check out our Leveling Guide here, and our Endgame Guides focused around Summon Machine Guards and Summon Spider Tanks.

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (30)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (31)

Oracle Thea

Select Hero Trait

Wisdom of the Gods

(Video) Season 3 Carino Build - 20M DPS Lightning Shot | F2P Torchlight: Infinite Class Guide

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (32)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (33)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (34)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (35)

Wisdom of The Gods Identity

Thea channels the power of the 6 gods through her Blessings, so naturally her identity revolves around using Agility Blessing, Focus Blessing, and Tenacity Blessing to charge Divine Punishment for massive damage. Thea is a great choice for both Spell builds, or Attack builds, and she often has massive bursts of damage!


Wisdom of The Gods builds and enhances your Blessings, with a particular emphasis on Focus Blessing. You want to stack sources of additional Blessings like Jumble Ice or Medium Talent. Your damage is always highest right after Divine Punishment goes off through buffs like Predicted Sacrifice and Farewell Prophecy. This also means Thea gets a lot of passive speed from her Agility Blessings, and defenses from Tenacity Blessings.

Due to her versatility Thea has seen success with an incredibly wide range of builds, everything from Whirlwind and Ring of Ice. She's good for anything that hits, and saw a lot of play in Season 1.

Because of her wide variety of skills Thea is quite easy to level. When fighting bosses remember to time your cooldowns around Divine Punishment to maximize damage!

Wisdom of The Gods Pros & Cons

✔ High Burst Damage
✔ Great for Attacks and Spells
✔ Innate Defenses and Quality of Life

❌ Reliant on Items
❌ Complex to Build
❌ Inconsistent Damage

For more Thea - Wisdom of The Gods Builds check out our Leveling Guide here, and our Endgame Guides using Surging Inspiration to trigger Ring of Ice.

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (36)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (37)

Cateye Erika

Select Hero Trait

Wind Hunter

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (38)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (39)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (40)

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (41)

Wind Stalker Identity

Erika is a highly mobile Hero who utilizes movement to deal damage through Multistrikes. She excels at using Attack Skills and feels great to play due to the high Movement Speed. She may feel a little inconsistent at times, because you need to move to build Stalker stacks to maximize your damage, then spend them with Multistrike.


Because she has high Movement Speed and gains Stalker stacks through moving to enhance Multistrike, you never want to hold still! A lot of her gameplay comes down to managing the two core buffs, Cat's Agility (which increases your Movement Speed and causes movement speed to apply to Attack Speed at 200% of the value) and Stalker which gives massive Multistrike damage bonuses after moving during Cat's Agility. Later on Cat Walk adds a lot of versatility to her playstyle by preventing your Multistrike Count from being interrupted by movement. Normally if you move during Multistrike the effect ends and your count resets to 0, but with Cat Walk the count is saved, making your next attack resume where you left off allowing for massive bursts of damage.

Erika Wind Stalker is a brand new Hero Trait added in Season 2, but as an attack based Hero she shares a lot of builds with Carino and Rehan. Given her affinity for Multistrike the new Thunder Slash could be a perfect fit!

Grab a Steep Strike or Demolisher Skill, stack some Multistrike chance and get ready to level fast.

Wind Stalker Pros & Cons

✔ Super Fast!
✔ Great for Attacks
✔ Literally a Cat Girl

❌ Poor Choice for Spells
❌ Multistrike can be Awkward
❌ You Must Actively Maintain Buffs

For More Cateye Erika - Wind Stalker Builds check out our Leveling Guide here, and our Endgame Dexterity Stacking Guide!

Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (42)Hero Class Overview - Torchlight Infinite Maxroll.gg (43)


Hopefully, this article can provide you some insight about the basics of each Hero Trait. If you are able to narrow things down to 2 or 3 options, check out some of the Leveling or Endgame Guides linked throughout. While you can't change your Hero Trait once selected, but it's pretty easy to level a new character if you change your mind.

  • Berserker Rehan - Anger
    • Big man gets mad, and smashes everything!
  • Berserker Rehan - Seething Silhouette
    • Smash everything with help from your imaginary friend.
  • Divineshot Carino - Ranger of Glory
    • Projectile expert extraordinaire, from bows to guns he's your man.
  • Divineshot Carino - Lethal Flash
    • Meleeranger wielding the power of Shotguns for massive single target damage.
  • Frostfire Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion
    • Newly reworked, combine the power of Fire and Ice to Obliterate your foes!
  • Frostfire Gemma - Frostbitten Heart
    • You can't go wrong with a cheat death and explosions.
  • Spacetime Witness Youga - Spacetime Illusion
    • A trickster whose Spacetime Illusion can copy your Spells.
  • Spacetime Witness Youga - Spacetime Elapse
    • This vaguely grape-flavored version of Youga specializes in DoTs and Reaping.
  • Commander Moto - Order Calling
    • From Summon Spider Tanks to Summon Machine Guard Moto's your man for all things Minion.
  • Commander Moto - Charge Calling
    • What's better than Minions? Minions that EXPLODE! PS: He's an Autobomber.
  • Oracle Thea - Wisdom of The Gods
    • Thea wields the power of Blessings to create massive bursts of damage.
  • Cateye Erika - Wind Stalker
    • She's a cat girl who specializes in Multistrike and going fast!


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Jan 5th 2023

Article Published for Season 2


What is the best class in Torch infinite? ›

Best Solo Classes In Torchlight: Infinite
  • 5 Divineshot Carino.
  • 4 Commander Moto.
  • 3 Spacetime Witness Youga.
  • 2 Frostfire Gemma.
  • 1 Berserker Rehan.
Jan 24, 2023

What is the max character in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Max character level is 100. The “story” dungeons go up to Floor 35, and after you finish those another portal opens in town thats endless and scales up with you (sorta).

What are the hero traits in Torchlight Infinite? ›

There are currently 9 hero traits in S1, namely: Rehan: Anger, Carino: Ranger of Glory, Carino: Lethal Flash, Gemma: Ice-Fire Fusion, Gemma: Frostbitten Heart, Youga: Spacetime Illusion, Youga: Spacetime Elapse, Moto: Order Calling, Thea: Wisdom of The Gods.

How do you get Erika Torchlight Infinite? ›

The new hero Cateye Erika can be unlocked after purchasing the Season Pass which will be unlocked at level 1. In the next season, you can purchase this new hero directly using the Primocryst.

What is the easiest class in Torchlight? ›

The reason the Embermage is easy to play is because it's simple. Learn a powerful spell and spam it until your mana pool runs out, there's not much to it and as a result, this style of play can get fairly boring very quickly.

Who is the best moto in Torchlight Infinite? ›

The best Torchlight Infinite Moto build. Commander Moto is the minion-based character in Torchlight Infinite. He's the only S-tier character on our tier list due to his strong damage and very safe playstyle.

What is the most DPS class in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Divineshot Carino

He is the pure DPS class of Torchlight Infinite that uses guns to perform long-range devastating attacks.

Who is the new character in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Season 3 of Torchlight Infinite features the brand new Hero: Escapist Bing, and an alternative Hero Trait for Oracle Thea. For a brand new Hero's first season, they can only be obtained from the paid track of the Season Pass.

How long does it take to beat Torchlight Infinite? ›

“At present, the game includes a 10-hour main story and infinitely repeatable late-game dungeons.”

What is the secret trait loop hero? ›

Secret Trait

Appears when "Second Thoughts" is taken and there are only 2 or fewer remaining traits to choose from. Once taken, it spawns a special boss on the Tile you're standing on, so you will encounter him during the next loop. That boss makes you lose one previously acquired Trait every time he attacks you.

What is the difference between armor and evasion in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Armor reduces the Physical damage you take in proportion to the hit with many bonuses in the Brave Tree. Evasion gives you a chance to completely avoid damage from an Attack hit, with many bonuses in the Marksman Tree.

What does the hero embody? ›

Some common characteristics that are often associated with modern heroes include bravery, determination, compassion, and resilience. Heroes may be admired for their physical strength or bravery in the face of danger, or for their selflessness and willingness to put the needs of others before their own.

How to cheat on Torchlight? ›

Change the 0 to a 1 and save the file. Now while in game you will have to hold Shift and hit the ~ key to pull up the console.
Console codes.
FPSShows Framerate and other info
SpeedToggles additional speed for the character
GodspeedToggles both God and Speed mode
CombatlogToggles combat log
52 more rows
Oct 27, 2009

What does DoT mean in Torchlight Infinite? ›

DoT is a debuff that lasts for a period of time. All DoT effects deal damage every 0.3 seconds, but the damage number only appears once every second. DoT does not hit the enemy when dealing damage.

What is flame dust Torchlight Infinite? ›

Flame Dust is used to crafting gear with 0 to 1 affix. Flame Sand is used to crafting gear with 2 to 4 affixes. Flame Elementium is a very rare Orange material that is used to craft gear with 5 to 6 affixes.

What is the hardest difficulty in Torchlight? ›

Elite - Elite is the highest level of difficulty.

What is the best mage build in Torchlight? ›

The Prismatic Bolt Build is the best Embermage build option in TorchLight 2 and turns the player into a fast firing DPS glass cannon that draws on the power of all elements for damage.

How many hours is Torchlight? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Torchlight is about 14 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 46 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How is Torchlight Infinite pay to win? ›

Sadly, Torchlight: Infinite leans heavily into pay-to-win (P2W) elements. But, as with most things, it's not completely black and white. Players are reporting that many advantages can be purchased. Some reviewers have even noted that its monetization is worst than Diablo Immortal.

Is Torchlight Infinite F2P friendly? ›

*Torchlight: Infinite is generally regarded as Free to play / F2P-friendly, and not Pay to win (P2W). The game is free of any stamina and cooldown limitations.

What is fervor rating Torchlight Infinite? ›

Fervor. Fervor is a buff that enables stacking Fervor rating providing increased Critical Strike Chance. While having Fervor you can accumulate up to 100 stacks of Fervor rating by hitting elite monsters or killing. Each stack of Fervor rating provides 2% increased Critical Strike chance, so up to 200% at base.

What is the best main DPS character? ›

Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun are considered the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact, as they can trigger multiple elemental reactions with their Pyro and Electro abilities. DPS stands for Damage Per Second, and these characters will be responsible for the majority of damage dealt in your combat rotations.

Which DPS character does the most damage? ›

Best Physical DPS: Eula – Genshin Impact

Physical damage is simply damage done through Normal and Charged Attacks that does not rely on elemental reactions. Eula is the top character in this category, thanks to her strong kit.

What is the fastest way to level up in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Clearing the main story quests is one of the best things you can do to level up quickly in Torchlight Infinite. The quests can be seen on the screen's left side, and players must tick all of them off if they want to unlock more content from the game.

Will there be a wipe in Torchlight Infinite? ›

There will be no wipes and all player progress will carry over into the final version when it's ready to be released.

Who is the boss in Torchlight? ›

Realm Lord - Traveler is a Pinnacle Boss and the main antagonist of Torchlight Infinite's Netherrealm endgame system. The Traveler boss fight is one of the most difficult and rewarding encounters in the game, this guide teaches you everything you need to know about it. The Traveler has 3 difficulty levels.

Can you have multiple characters in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Doing this will give them the opportunity to see which one works out best for them. Each character has distinct skills and abilities that make them unique. By creating multiple character slots, players can switch between the different heroes, leveling them up, until they find the best fit for their playstyle.

Is there a penalty for dying in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Q: What is the penalty for dying in Torchlight: Infinite? A: There is no penalty for dying in the early stages of the game. At higher levels, you will lose some of your EXP. Using a “Revival Token” will eliminate this EXP penalty.

How do you increase DPS in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Other DPS improvements may be found by choosing affixes such as “increase melee damage”, “increase attack damage”, “increase AoE damage”, and anything relating to “impact”. Affixes are rare and hard to find in the early stages of the game, so begin improving your DPS by increasing base damage.

Will Torchlight Infinite reset after beta? ›

Dear Torchlight Hunters, This round of Closed Beta Test is now over, thank you all for being here with us! All account data will be erased at the end of the test.

What is the highest Loop Hero? ›

According to PC Gamer, the highest he has gone was 13,283 loops, but he could theoretically go on forever assuming there's no power outages or crashes. Loop Hero is available now on PC.

Can Loop Hero be beaten? ›

You defeat the boss and decide to either keeping playing in an infinite loop to gain more resources, or to retreat with 100% of your gathered resources. If you defeat the last boss in Chapter 4, congratulations, you have beaten Loop Hero!

What is the last boss Loop Hero? ›

Omega is the fourth and final boss you'll encounter in Loop Hero at the end of Chapter 4 after having beaten the previous three chapter's bosses.

What is better armor then molten? ›

Platinum armor is the next best armor underneath Molten. It's the counterpart to gold ore spawning in your world. If you have gold instead of platinum, skip this since Gold armor is weak in comparison.

Does lethality ignore armor? ›

Percentage armor penetration and Lethality have no effect if the target's armor is less than or equal to 0. Armor reduction is an effect that reduces the target's armor for a period of time, by an amount or percentage. Flat armor reduction can reduce armor values below 0, while percentage armor reduction cannot.

Is the Ghost armor good? ›

The Ghost Armor reduces the number of kills that you need, making it a lot easier to activate Ghost Stance. Stealth kills also count towards Ghost Stance, so in a way, the Ghost Armor is arguably the best stealth-based set in the game.

What are 7 characteristics that a hero embodies? ›

Characteristics of a Hero
  • Bravery.
  • Conviction.
  • Courage.
  • Determination.
  • Helpful.
  • Honesty.
  • Inspirational.
  • Moral integrity.
Mar 14, 2023

Can you be a hero without risking your own life? ›

A hero is defined by his or her choices and actions, not by chance or circumstances that arise. A hero can be brave and willing to sacrifice his or her life, but I think we all have a hero in us — someone who is unselfish and without want of reward, who is determined to help others.

What does intelligence do in Torchlight Infinite? ›

You Can Choose Berserker and Frostfire for Beginner Classes

Intelligence raises Maximum Mana that is needed to activate powerful skills and energy shields for improved defenses. That is why you can choose Berserker and Frostfire for beginner classes.

How do you get max fame in Torchlight? ›

To achieve the maximum fame, it must be level 33 (Demigod). You can still gain more levels in fame even though the achievement calls it maximum. This will require you earn 756,000 fame experience points. You earn fame by defeating Champions (rare monster who have specific names).

What is the max skill points in Torchlight? ›

A character may have 100 skill points from leveling, and an additional 32 from fame levels for a total of 132. That breaks down into 8 skills with 15 ranks and 12 points to distribute elsewhere or 26 groups of 5 points with 2 to spare.

What is Primocryst for in Torchlight Infinite? ›

They can be used to transfer items between your characters on the same server. This price does not scale like the Bag Space and always costs 400 Jagged Primocrysts for a new Tab of 35 Slots.

Is Torchlight Infinite Chinese? ›

Torchlight: Infinite is a action role-playing game and the fourth game in the Torchlight series. It is developed and published by Chinese company XD Inc. for Android, iOS, and Windows. These versions are all cross-platform.

What color is gear in Torchlight Infinite? ›

So if you are a Torchlight Infinite beginner, don't try to get the best gears at first because you have the chance to replace these old gears by using the low item levels. Low-level items will be represented by white and blue colors, while the new high-level items will be represented with purple color.

What is the max level in Torchlight Infinite? ›

The level cap of Torchlight Infinite is 100.

What is spirit Magus Torchlight Infinite? ›

The Lightning Spirit Magus deals Ranged Attack Damage and has Quick Electrocute , Lucky Strike , and Lightning Punishment as its skills. This minion cannot be killed.

What are all the traits in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Base Traits (Free)
  • Rehan - Anger.
  • Carino - Ranger of Glory.
  • Gemma - Ice-Fire Fusion.
  • Youga - Spacetime Illusion.
  • Moto - Order Calling.
Jan 8, 2023

What is the best class in Torchlight Infinite season 2? ›

Cateye Erika|Wind Stalker is the best class in Torchlight Infinite season 2. As the following Hero Ranking shows, Cateye Erika ranks in the first one. Deal with enemies through swift movements. Gains great Explosion abilities and deals damage through Multistrikes after continuous movements.

Can you change classes in Torchlight Infinite? ›

Torchlight: Infinite does not have a proper class system or a hero collector system where players can summon different heroes or change them. Instead, the game focuses more on making your existing hero unique with over 300+ skills and talents to choose from.

What is the strongest class in World Zero Roblox? ›

World Zero best class tier list
DemonBTier IV
Mage of LightBMage
10 more rows

Is warlord or summoner better? ›

Summoner is the highest single target damage in the game right now. Unlike warlord, its a basically a 6v1 against bosses because 5 small minions = 5x your base click damage + that giant summon thing that deals a gigacrap ton of damage + your normal click damage.

What is the World Zero Code? ›

There is currently one active World Zero code that players can claim as of May 8, 2023.
Are there any active World Zero codes in Roblox? (May 2023)
625KLIKES100 Crystals
PEPPERMINT10 Holiday candies
NEWLEAF150 Crystals
3 more rows
May 8, 2023

Which is better demon or spirit archer? ›

The demon can't move while doing its basic attack. The spirit archer can walk around and attack freely and dodge very easily. Its basic attack is ranged, and it LITERALLY ATTACKS THINGS WHILE DODGING.


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