Changelog/2023/August 22 (2023)


SkyBlock Patch 0.19.3 - Crystal Hollows, QoL, & Bug Fixes

Updated: 2023/August 22

Changelog/2023/August 22 (1)Hello!

Welcome to SkyBlock Patch 0.19.3. This update includes many Crystal Hollows changes, solo Dungeons, general improvements, bug fixes, and more!

We apologize for the delay in releasing these patch notes, we were ensuring the stability of the Crystal Hollows before announcing the full changelog. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the update!


  • 1 ► Crystal Hollows
  • 2 ► Bit Sources
  • 4 ► Bazaar Changes
  • 5 ► Other Changes
  • 6 ► Bug Fixes

► Crystal Hollows[]

First, today, we're bringing many balance, QoL, and bug fixes to the Crystal Hollows!

Armadillo Revamp

While the Armadillo holds a special place in our hearts as one of the cutest pets, it was overperforming for its rarity. Our goal is to maintain its unique gameplay while aligning it closer to its intended power level.

  • The pet now loses energy on the block you are breaking, not on movement, as follows:
    • 1 Mithril
    • 1.2 Ruby
    • 1.5 Sapphire, Jade, Amber, Amethyst, Opal
    • 1.8 Topaz
    • 2 Jasper
    • 0.2 everything else
  • The Armadillo has 100/150/200/250/300 maximum Energy depending on rarity, from common to legendary.
  • It regenerates 0.33% of its maximum energy per second.
  • Pet stops regenerating energy only while moving. It regenerates fully while riding so long as you're stationary, as well as when you are not riding the pet.

Crystal Rooms

The Mines of Divan are a very popular area in the Crystal Hollow, we want this zone to be much easier to use for everyone at the same time.

  • Mines of Divan ores now respawn on a 5 minutes timer!
  • Buffed Mine of Divan chests loot slightly:
    • 2 Flawed instead of 32 Rough Ruby
    • 4 Flawed instead of 64 Rough Ruby
    • 1 Flawed instead of 8 Rough Amethyst
    • 2 Flawed instead of 16 Rough Amethyst
    • 2 Flawed instead of 32 Rough Jade
    • 4 Flawed instead of 64 Rough Jade
    • 1 Flawed instead of 8 Rough Amber
    • 2 Flawed instead of 16 Rough Amber
    • 1 Flawed instead of 8 Rough Topaz
    • 2 Flawed instead of 16 Rough Topaz
    • 1 Flawed instead of 8 Rough Sapphire
    • 2 Flawed instead of 16 Rough Sapphire
    • 40 Rough instead of 4 Rough Jasper
    • 1 Flawed instead of 8 Rough Jasper
  • The door of the Jungle Temple now stays open until the player obtains the crystal.
  • Jungle Temple chests are now refilled every time the player uses a key.
  • Ruby and Jasper Crystals are removed from the Nucleus table if you already have them.

Other Changes

  • Gemstones now respawn even if destroyed by Bob-ombs.
  • If you are already Heart of the Mountain 7, there is no point gaining extra HOTM EXP. So once you get there, this reward is now replaced with a random amount between 2000 and 5000 of either Mithril Powder or Gemstone Powder, also chosen at random.
  • Treasure chests despawn after they are looted.
  • Reworked Kalhuiki Tribe Member AI:
    • They now attack after hitting any of their members nearby 3 times.
    • Hitting their young still instantly aggravates them.
    • Fixed an issue where they'd become aggressive for seemingly no reason.
  • Buffed the health of the Team Treasurite executives (Viper, Sebastian and Wendy) from 13,000 to 18,000.
  • Increased the number of butterflies that spawn inside of Fairy Grotto rooms.
  • Changed the skin of the Jungle Heart.
  • Text changes when dying to a Team Treasurite member.
  • Slightly cheapened Mithril Drill X326 crafting recipe, which now only requires half the golden and Mithril plates.
  • Changed Forge recipes for the Mithril Infused fuel tank and the Titanium-Infused fuel tank.
    • Mithril Infused Fuel Tank
      • New Recipe: 5 Fuel Tanks, 5 Refined Diamonds, 10 Refined Mithrils
    • The Titanium-Infused Fuel Tank
      • New Recipe: 5 Fuel Tanks, 5 Refined Diamonds, 10 Refined Titaniums, and a Mithril Infused Fuel Tank
  • Made Oil Barrels sellable to NPCs for 1,000 coins each.
  • Lowered toughness of Glass Blocks and increased drop rate of Gemstones when mined from Glass Panes.
  • Buffed Mining Commissions EXP based on Heart of the Mountain level.
    • HOTM 1: 100
    • HOTM 2: 100 -> 200
    • HOTM 3+: 100 -> 400
  • Reduced the amount of Mithril to mine in certain commissions.
    • Mithril Miner commission changed from 500 to 350 Mithril required.
    • [Mines Area] Mithril commission changed from 350 to 250 Mithril required.
  • If the wishing compass cannot find a structure, it now gives a chat message instead of just pointing to the center.
  • Changed Wishing Compass to be one time use instead of 3 uses. Thus, you will now gain 3 Wishing Compasses through sources that drop them.
  • The Wishing Compass and Ascension Rope can now be stacked.
  • Changed how the Crystalized perk in the Heart of the Mountain works, as follows:
    • It now gives 20 Mining Speed by default, plus 6 per level.
    • It now also gives 20 Mining Fortune by default, plus 5 per level.
    • It no longer gives chances to deal extra damage to Star Sentries.
  • Added another perk to Great Explorer in the Heart of the Mountain: every 5 levels, the amount of lockpicking steps required to open a treasure chest goes down by 1. If you have the perk maxed out, you can open the treasure chests directly.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (2)

► Bit Sources[]

Several new sources of obtaining Bits have been added.

  • Garden: Ranking in Farming Contests or accepting visitor offers that come to your Garden.
  • Dungeons: Completing a Dungeon, based on the level of the floor.
  • The End: Participating in Endstone Protector or Dragon fights.
  • Dwarven Mines: Participating in the Mithril Gourmand event, completing Mining Commissions, or daily quests in the Dwarven Mines.
  • Spider's Den: Participating in Arachne fights.
  • Crimson Isle: Killing minibosses around the Crimson Isle or completing your faction dailies.
  • Crystal Hollows: Completing the Crystal Nucleus or participating in fights against Bal.
  • Slayer: Killing each level of Slayer, with more bits being given for higher tiers.
  • Spooky Festival: Bits are given depending on your ranking of the Spooky Event.
  • Trophy Fishing: Fishing up a Gold or Diamond trophy fish.
  • Kuudra: Completing a Kuudra Run, based on the difficulty tier.
  • Diana: Completing burrow chains.
  • Winter: Participating in the Winter Gift Attack minigame.
  • Rift: Killing Bacte and Leech Supreme will magically transport Bits to your purse in the real world.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (3)

► Dungeons & Kuudra[]

Adventurer Saul

Adventurer Saul has arrived in the Dungeon Hub! With his guidance and permission, talented dungeon players can now unlock the ability to remove the party restrictions and enter the Catacombs on their own!

Changelog/2023/August 22 (4)

Auto Ready-Up

To make joining and playing Dungeons and Kuudra more streamlined, there is now an option in the Mort and Kuudra Gatekeeper menus, as well as the ready-up menus in the instances, to toggle auto readying up upon joining an instance.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (5)

Other Changes

  • All players will now be healed back to full HP when they enter a boss portal in dungeons.
  • Can now use Spirit Leap/InfiniLeap in Dungeon trap rooms.
  • Renamed the Spirit Bow (Dungeons Floor 4 Drop) to the Spirit Shortbow.
  • Improved Summoning Ring and Reaper Scythe's full messages.
  • You now only have to attempt a slayer boss once before being able to see its stats from Maddox.
  • Fixed Elle NPC and Supplies Stand not being left clickable in Kuudra
  • Fixed Dungeon potions consumed during the run being removed when leaving and rejoining an instance
  • Fixed Dungeon Start Pet Rule not working
  • Fixed the Ballista Part Piles blocking shots in Kuudra

► Bazaar Changes[]

We have slightly redesigned the Bazaar to allow players to better understand where specific products are and certain information about them.


  • Ascension Rope
  • Wishing Compass


  • Gemstones -> After Hard Stone
  • Forge -> Behind Dwarven Mines
  • Magma Cream -> Combat
  • Inferno Minion -> Oddities
  • Goblin Eggs -> Mining
  • Flower -> After Jungle Wood
  • Lily Pads & Ink Sacks -> Fishing
  • XP Bottles -> After Enchantments
  • Crystal Fragments -> The End


  • Combined Glowstone, Netherrack, Quartz, Red Sand, Sulphur, and Mycelium -> Crimson Isle
  • Renamed Slime Drops -> Slimeball
  • Book Modifiers & Modifiers -> Modifiers
  • Spooky, Gifts, Jerry Boxes, Refined Mineral, Mythological, Jacob's Tickets, Fishing Festival -> Events
  • Summoning Eye, Dragon Fragments, & Draconic Sacrifice -> The End
  • Low Reforge Stones & High Reforge Stones -> Reforge Stones
  • Mushroom Soup & Metaphysical Serum -> Consumables
  • Enchantments & Ultimate Enchantments -> Enchantments
  • Revenant Horror, Tarantula Broodfather, Sven Packmaster, Voidgloom Seraph, Inferno Demonlord -> Slayer

The icon of grouped products have been updated to show the products inside, and if using Advanced Mode, they will show the Buy | Sell price on the front.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (6)

Instasell Blocklist

Added a way to prevent products from being bulk insta-sold in the Bazaar.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (7)

► Other Changes[]

Alongside the Crystal Hollow update, this patch includes an absolutely massive amount of other changes to the game.


  • Added 22 new Rift Achievements. Many of these are retroactive.
    1. A Face to Remember [5 points] (Obtain Seraphine's old face in the Rift.)
    2. Buzzkill [10 points] (Unlock all of Neuroscientist Kat's rewards in the Rift.)
    3. Eye for an I [5 points] (Calm The Bankster in the Rift.)
    4. He's Bac! [10 points] (Kill Bacte in the Rift.)
    5. I'm Not Dead! [5 points] (Enter the Rift.)
    6. Inner Machinations [15 points] (Max out the Enigma Cloak (including extra upgrades).)
    7. It worked?! [5 points] (Retrieve a Rift-Transferrable item in the overworld.)
    8. Long Way Down... [10 points] (Claim the Enigma soul at the top of the Beanstalk in the Rift.)
    9. Long Way Gone [5 points] (Secure a Timecharm in the Rift Gallery)
    10. Multi-Dimensional Slayer [15 points] (Defeat a T5 Riftstalker Bloodfiend.)
    11. No Other Choice [10 points] (Solve the reverse murder case in the Rift.)
    12. Not Worth It, Bro [5 points] (Have Wizardman decide not to help you.)
    13. See ya later! [10 points] (Fully repair Reed's Boat in the Rift.)
    14. Six-star Meal [5 points] (Consume a McGrubber's Burger.)
    15. Snake Charmer [5 points] (Mine a Living Metal Snake in the Rift.)
    16. Still Sad [15 points] (Talk to Sad Jacquelle after finding all 9 pieces of Montezuma's soul.)
    17. Swaying the Vote [10 points] (Appease all of Barry's protestors in the Rift.)
    18. The Crux of it All [15 points] (Max out all milestones on a Crux Chronomicon.)
    19. Two/Nine [5 points] (Find two pieces of Montezuma's Soul.)
    20. Yucky! [10 points] (Slay the Leech Supreme in the Rift.)
    21. Secret Achievement [10 points] (???)
    22. Secret Achievement [5 points] (???)
  • Can now view your SkyBlock Achievements from within your SkyBlock menu.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (8)


  • Added chat notifications for items being added to and removed from Sacks. As a new player, it is unintuitive that items are automatically added to your Sacks and sometimes even removed. This change aims to improve feedback from these "invisible actions".
  • Added Golden Carrots to the Agronomy Sack.
  • Shortened the lore for some Enchanted Sacks.


  • Added the Bejeweled Collar pet item
    • Grants +25 Mining Speed and +10 Mining Fortune
    • Can be forged in the Dwarven Mines for a Bejeweled Handle and Refined Mithril x4
  • Revamped the Bee Pet's perks.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (9)

Abiphones - Do Not Disturb

  • Added a way to prevent NPCs from calling you in Abiphone models XII Pro Giga and above.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (10)

Museum Changes

  • Added Weirder Tuba to the Museum.
  • Added the Blaze Hat, Sea Lantern Hat, and Magmafish Hat to the Museum.
  • Shrunk the Museum zone slightly to make it easier to use abilities around the area.

Equipment Changes

Combat Equipment

  • Improved the lore of the Jerry-chine Gun.
  • Added a bulk-buy arrows option in the Weaponsmith shop.
  • Added additional lore to the Archfiend Dice to hint that they are rigged.
  • The Machine Gun Bow is now a shortbow and thus can fire instantly alongside its ability.
  • The Machine Gun Shortbow ability can now be used outside of Dungeons.

Mining Equipment

  • Slightly buffed the Fractured Mithril Pickaxe's mining speed and slightly nerfed the Diamond Pickaxe.
  • Made the Dwarven Mines portal from the Portalizer require Mining 12 to use, in order to match with the Dwarven Mines requirement.
  • Added crafting recipes for the Promising Shovel and Promising Pickaxe.
  • Gave the Gold Forger NPC some shiny golden tools to sell.
  • Gave the Gold Forger and Iron Forger NPCs some enchanted armor to sell.
  • Added Promising Shovel to Rusty.
  • Added more Efficiency levels to Promising Pickaxe and Axe, which now go up to 5 instead of previous 2.
  • Blocks will now tell you how much breaking power is needed if you don't have enough.
  • Metal Detector now shows the amount when finding powder in the Mines of Divan.
  • Increased the accuracy of the Prehistoric Egg block count when walking at high speeds.
  • Gave the Jungle Pickaxe Efficiency 5 by default.

Farming Equipment

  • Reduced cooldown of Chicken Hat from 20->5s.
  • Modified several Farming Fortune stats from various sources.
    • Mushroom Cow Base Stats Farming Fortune Scaling from 1 to 0.7 Farming Fortune per level
    • Elephant Pet Trunk Efficiency Perk from 1.8 to 1.5 Farming Fortune per level (150 max)
    • Anita’s “Extra Farming Drops” Perk to give +4 Farming Fortune per upgrade instead of +2
    • Cultivating Enchantment to give +2 Farming Fortune per level instead of +1
    • Burrowing Spores' farming fortune increased based on rarity

Misc. Equipment Change

  • Moved the Grappling Hook to String Collection IV and made String VII give 20k Combat Exp.
  • Potion Effects are no longer removed on death.

Quests and Collections

Slayer Quests and Collections

  • Talking or Calling Maddox will now show all the Slayer Quests without needing to cancel the current quest.
  • Players can now preview the Slayer menu from the Combat Skill menu.
  • Tweaked some Sven Slayer VII and VIII rewards.
    • Sven 7 now unlocks hunter talisman recipe, overflux recipe, large slayer sack recipe
    • Sven 8 now unlocks hunter ring recipe, wolf fur mixin recipe, plasmaflux recipe
  • A message will be sent after killing a boss 4 times in a row warning that killing it again won't give you any rewards.
  • Updated messaging on Auto-Slayer.

Combat Quests and Collections

  • Increased how often it rains in the Spider’s Den.
  • Some zones now have recommended Combat levels and will warn you if you are venturing outside of your ability.
  • Lowered individual price of Silent Pearls in the End from 1,250 to 150 coins.
  • In the Crimson Isles, Pablo will now tell you what flower he wants when spoken to directly.
  • Nerfed the Enchanted String recipe from 192 String -> 160 String for consistency with other enchanted items.
  • Nerfed the cost of Enchanted Bone Meal by half not for consistency, but because it cost too much.
  • Updated the description of the 'Flames' item to reference Cinderbats rather than Fire Bats.
  • Now showing your crimson essence in the sidebar while in the Scarleton/Dragontail blacksmith zone.
  • Added a dialogue to Captain Ahone's abiphone when his quest is completed.
  • A message will be sent if players click on an already claimed relic in Spider's Den.
  • Ice Walkers will now drop 8 coins and 8 XP orbs instead of absolutely nothing.
  • Runic Rain and Emerald Slimes will now always drop slime runes.
  • The Watcher's Wandering Souls will now use a player's nick skin instead of their real one.
  • Enderstone Protector and Special Zealots will no longer despawn when Dragons die.
  • New players will be prompted to talk to Tia after they find their first few fairy souls.
  • Nerfed various enemies' stats:
    • Key Guardian - 1,000,000 -> 250,000 HP.
    • Squid - 1,500 -> 1,000 HP.
    • Sea Walker - 1,500 -> 1,000 HP.
    • Treasure Hoarder - 22,000 -> 15,000 HP. Decreased damage 750 -> 500.
    • Automaton 20,000 -> 15,000, reduced the frequency in which their laser beam could attack.

Mining Quests and Collections

  • The cooldown of Emmett's Pointer has been lowered from 2->1s.
  • Dwarven Mines raffles now despawn tickets when picking a winner.
  • Added explanation of why Redstone Pigmen attack.
  • Speaking to Don Expresso will now consume all of your tasty mithrils, allowing efficient event participation!
  • Kalhuiki Tribe members won't attack you now if you’re wearing the Kalhuiki Mask.
  • The Lapis Miner has wandered to a new spot in the Lapis Quarry.
  • Golden Dragon Eggs will now show if pet candy has been used on them.
  • The ‘Better Together’ mining range has been buffed from 10 blocks -> 20 blocks.

Foraging Quests and Collections

  • Moved around items in the Acacia Log collection to be slightly nicer to early-game players.
  • Improved the Carpenter's dialogue.
  • Revamped the Lapis Miner's 'Helpful Miner' quest and added the Lapis Pickaxe.

Changelog/2023/August 22 (11)

Farming and the Garden Quests and Collections

  • Increased crop regeneration speed in the Barn when more players are online.
  • Added more of all Tree types to the Park.
  • Renamed Tony's Shop and Talbot's Shop to Tony and Talbot for consistency.
  • There is now a 2 coppers minimum reward from Garden visitors.
  • Enchanted Red and Brown Mushrooms can now be crafted using blocks.
  • Changed how Garden Crop Milestones works so different crops have different values.
  • Changed Cabin Barn Skin to require Garden level 11 instead of 12.
  • Decreased the Copper cost of Crop Upgrades and refunded the previously spent coins.
    • Level 8 now costs 2,000 instead of 5,000 coppers
    • Level 9 now costs 4,000 instead of 10,000 coppers
      • Refunds have been sent directly to your copper inventory.

Misc. Quests and Collections

  • Improved Sirius' dialogue to better explain the Dark Auction.
  • Improved various Area Discovery chat messages.
  • Added a miscellaneous Fairy Soul breakdown.
  • Prettified the Melody tip button.
  • Improved some of Juliette's dialogue.
  • The North Stars gained message is now hoverable.
  • Clicking on a Trades unlock (for example, from collections) will now open the trades menu.
  • Calling Tia the Fairy after completing all 9f operator relays through the Abiphone will now open her menu.
  • Removed Piscary from Experimentation Table.
  • The coins rewarded for Skill level ups has been greatly increased.
  • You now must be SkyBlock Level 10 to participate in a Bingo event.

User Interface and Messaging

  • Added the on/off toggle from the Personal Deletor to the Personal Compactor.
  • Added a confirmation menu to the /coopadd menu that explains the consequences of adding someone to your co-op. All players on the co-op now have to read this menu and press a separate confirm button before voting on if the new player can be added.
  • Added a new /coopclear command that will clear your pending /coop and /coopadd invites.
  • North Stars are now displayed in Einary's menu.
  • Updated slowness potion stat values on player targets (in case you drink one...).
  • The stats breakdown menu will now let you see why you have 0 of a stat rather than saying, "You have none of this stat!"
  • Edited messaging on Jax dialogue.
  • Added a confirmation menu to pet candy / Caducous Feeder.
  • Reworded the "More Farming Drops" perk in Anita to Farming Fortune.
  • Added a salvage confirmation to Ice Spray Wand.
  • Improved the salvage message; you may now hover it to see what you obtained from the salvage.
  • Changed chat message color when disabling Heart of the Mountain perks from yellow to red.
  • Kat will now reject you if you try to upgrade a pet that holds a Tier Boost.
  • The paste menu in Garden will now show how many resources you need and how much it'll take from your inventory.
  • Pet Candy used on a pet will only be hidden if the pet tier is Legendary or higher.

► Bug Fixes[]

User Interface and Inventories

  • /storage now opens your Enderchest in the Rift
  • Fixed the Hex displaying incorrect enchant lore for enchants with a minimum level of above 1.
  • Removed the Enchanting Skill's access to the Wizard Portal because it did approximately nothing.
  • Fixed the 'Buy a Stack!' button in Bazaar being inaccurate when buying products with a max stack size of 16.
  • Fixed sacks having the incorrect cap when accessed from inside a chest.
  • Fixed being able to complete the Talk to Guide objective while talking to a non-existent NPC.
  • Fixed items taken from minion chests not going directly into Sacks.
  • Fixed sacks & bags message saying you are spectating.
  • Fixed Spooky still showing leaderboard positions in menus.
  • Fixed Festive Altruist achievement not increasing.
  • Fixed Coal Blocks not being compacted.
  • Fixed Coop travel notifications not working.
  • Fixed Rat Pet skins not updating immediately when applied.
  • Fixed Rollim/Kaus calling people waaay too much.
  • "Insert Inventory" button in sacks will now take sacks from your inventory into account.
  • Fixed formatting of stitched sacks.
  • Fixed not being able to put soulbound items in the rune removal menu.
  • Fixed Dctr. Paper not being usable to brew Adrenaline potions.
  • Added back the ability to sell items to the Wool Weaver and Builder NPCs.
  • Fixed the “Go Back” button in the /sacks menu.

Mining Content Fixes

  • Fixed the warp to the Rampart Quarry during the Goblin Raid event throwing you into the void.
  • Fixed Emissary Braum never completing its objective in the Dwarven Mines.
  • Fixed many spots in the Dwarven Mines where blocks would unexpectedly yield gold ores.
  • Fixed bugging out Murderlovers by preventing them from attacking Superprotectrons and other goblins altogether.
  • Fixed bug where god potion effects were wiped when drinking near the Jungle Temple.

Bingo Fixes

  • Fixed a missing number in the Collect Essence Bingo Community Goal.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Spider Queen Bingo Goal.

Combat Content Fixes

  • Fixed rewarding Crimson miniboss kill credit to minibosses that didn't actually die.
  • Fixed Voidgloom Seraphs' Yang Glyphs not returning the block it replaced to the correct block.
    • Made it easier to break Glyphs that are at the player's eye height.
  • Fixed blazes and ghast minions having terrible aim.
  • Fixed explosive arrows not working when you reach 10 stacks of Hydra Strike on your Terror armor.
  • Fixed Jerry Boxes displaying the incorrect amount of XP given.
  • Fixed some very rare drops showing inaccurate drop rates in the Bestiary.
  • Fixed obtaining Bedrock from diggable snow in the Rift.
  • Fixed each Wisp Pet counting towards SkyBlock Exp.
  • Fixed getting miniboss loot while inside the dojo in the Crimson Isle.
  • Fixed Inferno Minion's Apex Minion perk not working while offline.
  • Fixed Gyrokinetic Wand's cells alignment changing true damage into regular damage.
  • Fixed the text on Ragnarock Axe in regards to its duration.
  • Fixed Shen refunds counting towards lifetime motes earned stat in the Rift.
  • Fixed summoning eyes not properly appearing in inventory on the client-side when killing zealots using item abilities.
  • Fixed being unable to claim dojo rewards if you skip or lose a belt item.
  • Fixed United in Blood achievement being unobtainable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dungeon Party Finder would not remember dungeon type selection of "Any".
  • Fixed an issue where uncovering a Minos Inquisitor in the Mythological Ritual event would send a chat message for Minos Champion.
  • The person who digs up a Burrow in the Mythological Ritual event will get the kill credit for the dug up enemy, even if someone else kills it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Minotaur's axes would block hits.
  • Fixed getting invalid Ender Pearls from dragon fights.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beastmaster Crest did not increase kills when in the Accessory Bag.
  • Fixed a sword-swap exploit with the Soul Whip.
  • Fixed a visual bug when clicking in the menu slot where the Kismet Feather re-roll option should be.
  • Fixed Redstone Warrior abilities and kill messages saying Lost Adventurer.
  • Fixed Yeti Sword ability sometimes visually removing blocks but not really (clientside visual error)
  • Fresh Tools Kuudra perk can now work on any Ballista build pile when proc’ed.
  • Fixed shiny variants of gear and dungeon discs not being dropped in F7/M7 Catacombs.

Enchanting Content Fixes

  • Fixed bug where combining max level enchants would sometimes lower the enchantment level.
  • Fixed bug where Tabasco enchant wasn't taking XP levels.

Farming Content Fixes

  • Fixed Cocoa Bean Jacob contests not having a Personal Best entry in the Jacob menu.
  • Fixed some cactus and sand locations in the Farming Islands.
  • Fixed Mooshroom Cow's "Mushroom Eater" working on player-placed crops (for real).

Fishing Content Fixes

  • Fixed not getting Trophy Fish credit for getting Obfuscated 1's from Corrupt Sea Creatures.
  • Fixed being able to decrease Mushed Glowy Tonic's duration.
  • Fixed Lump of Magma getting deleted when clicking water.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong player was given a Dolphin pet on certain milestones.
  • Fixed Depths Strider sometimes breaking when the armor piece had a rune assigned.
  • Fixed InfiniDirtWand not working on Sea Lanterns.

Foraging Content Fixes

  • Fixed some portals in The Park putting the player in a block.
  • Fixed some trees in The Park not fully regenerating.
  • Fixed area in Hub near Lumber Jack dropping rails and ladders.
  • Fixed Enchanted Bone Meal consuming double when right clicking blocks.

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed being teleported back when running on soil on newer versions.
  • Fixed multiple typos and grammatical errors around the game.
  • Fixed a bug where a visiting player would see the RB ranks icon, but the island member would not.
  • Fixed the Monster Raider armor not being donatable to the Museum.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch with the Parkour Times block.
  • Fixed a bunch of chat inconsistencies in the Rift.
    • Note that due to the nature of the Rift, inconsistencies are sometimes intentional.
      • Note that due to the nature of the rift, the rift is an inconsistency
        • Note that due to the ǹ̵̺͖̖̮̙̗̣̜̯̘̹̗͔̬̻̿̓a̴̢̧̭̭̜̩̖̗̳̙̟̠̹͎̎͂̄̍̔̄̾͂̐͊͂̀͗̕̚t̷̨̫̻̲̣̰̊̈́͆u̷̱̯͎̩͉̥̼͖̠͔̦͋̍͐̇̍̾͜͠r̸̨̧̡͔̭̦̝̰͖͎̖̜͍͊̎̓̏͋̄̀͊̈͝ề̶͙̞̗͈̻̻̍̋͘ͅ ̸̢̮̭̙͚̬̺͉̭̮͎͎̘͇́̿̓ǫ̸̱͚̱͔͎̯͇͘͜f̷̩̺̮̖̠̤̌̿̀̋̾̑̎̒͒̚̚ͅ ̷̛̦̻̹̞͚͆͌̂̕͝r̷͎̪̩̱͖̦̠̦̂͌̓̓͒̆̒̌̒̑͑̕͠í̶̪͚͉͋͂̅̐̃͛̅̍̌͌̄̂͝f̴̨̢̬͍̹͇͚̔̈́̕ṱ̷͔̲̊̒͒͠͝ ̵̟̲̮͇̥͙̀̎̔̔-̶̯̗̳̳̝̠͒͊̓͑͛͘͠-̶̨̛̻̭̥̫̤͔̍̅̎͂̎͂͘-̶̢͔̰͔͗̈̎̆́̈́̐̊̒̌̽̇̾͠-̷̢̧̧͔̬͍͔̟͕̩͛̕͝-̵̜́̀͗̇́̅̎̐͜-̴̢̢͎̲͓̹̤̝̮̯̹͙̟͖̙̊̈́̎͋̈́̿̄̎̽-̴͈̘͖̽̔̈́̆̂̉̆̂͝͝͝-̸͙̳͖̔͌̈́͒̓̈͗̏̕͠-̷̮͈̘̩̐̌͊̍̂͒̊͌̒͌͊̔̾͘̕ͅ-̵̢̝̱͇͙̮̬̰̠̦͙̳͚̭̰̂̓̊̀̈́̑̔͒̈́̒̔̚̚͝-̷̢̣͖̤̱̪͈̝̭̦͙͑͗-̸̡̡̢͎̙̝͍̤̳̠͎̖̘̞͉͂̀͛̀̃̈̈́̔͂̎͒̆̄͌̽-̷̖̝̜̻͓̦͔̰͂͒͊͌̂̿̃̎̌̓-̷̤̣̞͎̝̦̩̦̠̝͔̈́͊͌̎͒̒̇̕̕ͅ-̴̧̱̗̭̮͈̳̙̥̤̮̣͕͚͐͐̓̍̚ͅ-̵̨̡͎̪̲͚̱̙͚̼̟͓͉̟͊̔͑́̃̓͌̓̔̓̕͝͠͝-̸̦͈̯̹͔̙̲͍̭̞̀̈́̀̈̽͑͂͆͠͠-̴͓̩͍̹̳̒͋̿́͠ͅͅ-̴̡̛̦̗͙͚̙̦̏̍͌̄́͗̂͂̋̊͜͝͝͝-̸̟̒̇̎̎̊̈́͒͘͠ͅ-̸̳͇̃̉͑́̒͗́̀̂̃̅̕͝-̴̡̳͔̹̮̟̭̩́̿͗̐̎͑̚͜͝
  • Fixed a visual bug when clicking in the menu slot where the Kismet Feather re-roll option should be.
  • Fixed some pet item buffs not being removed when the item was swapped from the pet.
  • Fixed leaving and rejoining an instance wiping your active potion effects.
  • Fixed being able to place private island portals partially off the edge of your island.
  • Fixed being able to give level 100 pets candies.
  • Fixed visual glitch where placing heads in water would remove a block of water.


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