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A lawn company helps with everything from seasonal cleanup to weekly lawn care. Use our guide to research the best lawn care service company for you. We explain what services to consider and the different types of lawn care companies. Depending on your budget, you can do as much or as little lawn care as you want.Get some inspiration with our front and backyardlandscaping ideas.

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HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi)

Read 22,608 Reviews

Connects homeowners and renters with home improvement specialists for free. Average home improvement job costs between $120 and $6,000. Includes damage protection guarantee up to $500,000. Online booking available.

Get a Quote Call Center Open (866) 782-4077

TruGreen Lawn Care

Read 6,471 Reviews

TruGreen is a leading commercial and residential lawn care company based in Memphis, Tennessee. It merged with Scotts Lawn Service in 2015, and together they service over 2.3 million customers annually.

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Offers curated lawn care using nontoxic product formulas. Free lawn and soil analysis. Three customizable subscription plans. Seasonal deliveries. Science-backed formulas. Serves lawns with multiple grass types.

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Massey Services

Read Author Review

Massey Services is based in Orlando, Fla. and has been in business since 1930. The company offers a landscaping and pest prevention solutions in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina and Oklahoma.

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Gibbs Landscape

Read Author Review

Headquartered in and serving the Atlanta area, Gibbs landscaping offers full service lawn care from mowing to fertilizing as well as irrigation and hardscaping. They serve both residential and commercial customers.

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Green Lawn Fertilizing

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Founded in 2004, Green Lawn Fertilizing is a local business that serves customers in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Its headquarters are near Philadelphia. They offer lawn fertilizing and pest control.

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Lawn Doctor

Read Author Review

Lawn Doctor is a national brand that offers franchises to local lawn care professionals. They provide a money back guarantee if customers are not happy with their services.

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Read Author Review

SavATree started in 1985 and now has 25 locations throughout the Mid-West, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The company provides a wide variety of lawn maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers.

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Weed Man USA

Read Author Review

Weed Man is a lawn care company founded in 1970 with franchises across Canada, the United States and United Kingdom. They provide lawn care and pest control services, and their website has useful resources for anyone with a yard.

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How much does lawn care cost?

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (11)

Average cost of lawn care

The average cost of lawn care will vary depending on where you live and what type of lawn you have. You can spend anywhere from $50–$500 per week on lawn care. A more experienced lawn care company will charge more than a new company. The added cost can be worth it, though, to make sure you get the lawn you want. If you’re on a budget, make sure to check out our list of backyard ideas on a budget.

List of lawn care serviceprices

Lawn care and landscaping companies offer many different services. Prices and types of payment will vary depending on theextent of the work, so you should realistically assess what services you need before hiring any company.

Lawn care serviceAverage cost
Lawn mowing$60 per week
Garden weeding$40 per hour
Leaf removal$300 per service
Winterizing your lawn$400 per service
Lawn fertilization$12 per hour
Tree and shrub care$450 per service
Aeration$125 per service
Irrigation system install$2,500 per service
Snow removal$50 per hour
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What to consider before choosing a lawn care service?

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (12)

Product ingredients

Anyone who spends time in your yard will encounter the products applied to your grass. Products used on lawns also mix with ground water and interact with the ecosystem, so it is important to understand what chemicals, if any, are being used by your lawn care company.

  • Chemical treatments: Chemicals in pesticides and weed control products effectively kill bugs and weeds, but some ingredients in these products have been linked to cancer, birth defects and neurotoxicity. If you have children or pets who frequently play on your grass, you may want to avoid these products. Any lawn care company should be able to tell you exactly what’s in the products they use and whether those might have any negative effects on the people or animals in your lawn.
  • Organic: Lawn care products do not follow the same governmental regulations for the use of terms like organic or all-natural as food, so you should not assume any product is safe simply because it’s labeled as organic. In terms of lawn care product, organic and all-natural typically mean only that the product was minimally processed. Organic products may not be as effective in pest and weed prevention, but they often breakdown and improve soil more than the chemical alternatives.

Service programs

Your needs will determine how often you need landscaping services. Consider how much time and energy you plan to invest in your yard before you select a service.

  • One time: If you need your lawn cleared or cleaned up after a particularly bad winter season, or if you’ve just purchased a house with a yard that is out of control but you plan to maintain the landscape once any green waste is removed, you can probably hire a smaller company for a one-time service. Hardscape installation might also be a one-time service.
  • Weekly/bi-weekly: Weekly service might be a more appropriate choice if you want your lawn to look great but don’t have the time or energy to mow and fertilize it. Many companies offer a regular service plan to maintain your yard throughout the growing season.
  • Seasonal: Lawns and other green spaces often require extra work at the beginning and the end of the growing season. Many companies can come once in the spring and once in the fall to clear away yard waste that accumulated in the preceding months and give your trees, shrubs and lawn a boost of nutrients.

Company size and capability

A company’s size will determine how much work they can do and how many services they offer. Think about what services you want before choosing a company.

  • Smaller: Small, local companies will likely not offer as many services as larger companies, and you might have to wait longer for services to be performed if they only have a few employees. However, hiring these companies may give you more personalized service.
  • Larger: Bigger companies will probably be able to offer a wider variety of services than smaller companies. If you’re looking for a single company to handle all of your lawn care needs, consider hiring a larger and/or national company.


Landscapers will have access to your property and may have access to certain parts of your home. Before hiring a company, learn how they select employees.

  • Employee screening: Companies should have a screening process in place to ensure their employees can legally work in the United States and do not have a criminal record that might endanger you or your family.
  • Employee training: If you are paying for fertilizing or other services that require the service provider to understand chemistry or agriculture, you should make sure all employees have adequate training. Ask about how much training employees receive and the qualifications of the trainer.
  • Clear communication: Many companies can send you information about the employee who will be working on your property. For safety, ask for the name and a physical description of the employee who will be at your home.

What are different types of lawn care companies?

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (13)

Local lawn care companies

The size of a local company will determine the number of services the company offers. Local companies may have a better understanding of the factors that impact green spaces in your region than national companies. They will be able to suggest products and plantings that are best suited for your area.

National lawn care companies

Companies that operate across the county or around the world will likely offer more services than small, local companies. These companies may use more scientific research in their approach, and their employees will likely have more formalized training than those at small companies.

Lawn care franchises

Many national and international companies sell franchises to local service providers. Franchise owners may offer the best of both national and local companies. Their employees will likely complete a training course, and they will understand the ecology of your region.

Landscaping companies

Landscaping companies can be national companies, local operations or franchises. They provide hardscaping as well as other services that require more physical work as opposed to just product application. These companies may or may not provide fertilizing and weed/pest control services.

Lawn care companies FAQ

Is lawn care service worth the money?

Lawn care service may seem expensive, but its value depends on your schedule and preferences. Lawn care costs range from $25 to have your lawn mowed to hundreds of dollars for more involved services. It’s up to you to decide if that's worth more than what DIY lawn care costs you in time, effort, equipment and convenience.

How do I choose fertilizer for my lawn?

Check each fertilizer’s N-to-P-to-K ratio, which compares its nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) levels. Fertilizers higher in nitrogen produce a thicker lawn, while fertilizers with a more balanced nitrogen and phosphorus blend are ideal for new grass growth. Find a fertilizer with a ratio that suits your needs.

Also, do your research to understand any other items on the label. For example:

  • Fast-release formulas have a quick response but may burn your lawn.
  • Slow-release blends take longer to show results but encourage uniform growth.
What does lawn service include?

Lawn services vary depending on the provider, but they generally include:

  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Trimming
  • Edging
  • Mulching
  • Fertilizing
  • Debris cleanup

You may also choose to pay for add-ons like aeration, pesticide application, disease treatment or landscaping design services.

Are lawn chemicals dangerous?

When handled properly, no. However, many lawn chemicals are toxic to humans and animals in large enough doses, and several diseases have been linked to pesticide exposure. These chemicals are especially harmful if inhaled or if they come into direct contact with your skin. To protect yourself from lawn chemicals, consider:

  • Researching the risks of any product you use
  • Landscaping with native plants that require less fertilizer and pesticide
  • Applying lawn chemicals sparingly
  • Using compost or organic fertilizer alternatives
  • Wearing protective clothing during application
  • Washing your hands and clothes after application
  • Avoiding using spray pesticides on windy days
  • Cleaning chemical equipment after use
How do lawn chemicals affect the environment?

Lawn chemicals threaten native plant life and kill beneficial insects, such as honeybees, ladybugs and earthworms. If people apply pesticides incorrectly, it can also run off into groundwater, streams, rivers and lakes where it harms fish and other wildlife. Lawn chemicals pose a potential health hazard to humans and pets in the area.

How long should you stay off grass after pesticide?

Most pesticide makers recommend staying off of the lawn for 24 hours after spraying. If you want a specific answer, ask your lawn care company or refer to the pesticide’s label.

How often should I mow my lawn?

As a general rule, mow your lawn once a week during the peak growing season. In the offseasons, mowing every other week should suffice, though this varies based on the growth patterns of your lawn.

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Lawn care service company reviews

TruGreen was founded in 1973 in Troy, Mich. Today, the company headquarters are located in Memphis, Tenn. The company applies science-based solutions to meet residential and commercial lawn care needs.

Read 6471 Reviews

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (15)

The Lawn Doctor began in the 1960s when new homeowners in New Jersey sought professional help to maintain beautiful lawns. The company now has approximately 500 franchises in 40 states, making them the largest lawn care franchise in the United States.

  • Local: Because all Lawn Doctor professionals are local franchise owners, they understand the local ecosystem. Local Lawn Doctors can identify lawn problems common in the areas they serve.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Lawn Doctor guarantees customers satisfaction. If customers aren’t satisfied, Lawn Doctor will reapply their product, and if the problem still persists, the company will refund the full cost of the service.
  • Mosquito control: Lawn Doctor professionals offer several types of outdoor pest control, including two types of mosquito control. The company applies a product to repel the bugs and prevent them from breeding near your home several times throughout the year. They can use the Mosquito Sentry® Repellent System, which releases a fog to deter the pests.
  • Online advice: Interested consumers can read the Advice section of Lawn Doctor’s website to learn about different seasonal requirements, lawn care terminology and additional resources.
  • Special offers: Consumers considering this company should visit the Special Offers section of their website. They offer coupons and discounts for different services and for new customers.

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (16)

Green Lawn Fertilizing was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in West Chester, Pa. The company is a small, locally owned business and serves parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

  • Free estimate: Interested customers can fill out an online form to request a free analysis of their lawn and a no-obligation estimated cost of Green Lawn Fertilizing’s recommended services.
  • Service options: Green Lawn Fertilizing offers a wide variety of services including regular maintenance lawn care and tree services. They also offer services to deter and kill outdoor pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitos and grubs.
  • Organic options: Anyone who doesn’t want harsh chemicals used on their lawn, including those with children or pets, might prefer a more natural product. Green Lawn Fertilizing has a natural program that uses fertilizer that meets the “Exceptional Quality Standards” set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Referral credit: Satisfied customers who recommend Green Lawn Fertilizing to someone who signs up for their services will receive a $50 credit to use on their own services.
  • Online customer area: Customers who have a regular lawn care plan can manage their account and pay their bills on Green Lawn Fertilizing’s website. They can also see specialized maintenance tips and refer friends.

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (17)

Massey Services Inc. was founded in 1930 and is now one of the nation’s largest pest prevention companies. Headquartered in Orlando, Fla., the company serves Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Massey Services provides irrigation maintenance, pest prevention and control and landscaping services to residential and commercial customers.

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  • Plant selection: The professionals at Massey Services can help homeowners determine which plants will thrive in their yard. Massey’s Landscape Renovation service is designed to provide homeowners with the information that they need to select plants and turf for their property.
  • Water management: Massey Services provides water management audits to determine how well a customer’s irrigation system is performing, ensuring that they aren’t inadvertently wasting water with a faulty system or poor landscaping. They also offer irrigation system maintenance to keep the system performing properly.
  • Environmental benefits: Proper landscaping helps prevent erosion and keeps waterways clean. Massey Services ensures their landscaping offers customers maximum environmental benefits. They incorporate non-chemical approaches to improving landscaping, like lawn aeration, to reduce the needed for fertilizers and/or weed killers.
  • Pest prevention: Massey Services focuses on preventing pests from entering customers’ yards and homes. They identify areas or items that might attract pests and recommend solutions to those problems.
  • Termite treatment: Massey Services encourages homeowners to treat their homes for termites regardless of whether or not they have a known termite problem. By treating before a problem emerges, homeowners can prevent future damage. After the initial treatment, Massey Services will re-treat the home if any termites appear at no cost to the homeowner. They will also pay for damages that have been caused to the home or its contents by termites after the first treatment.

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (18)

SavATree has been providing tree and lawn care since 1985 and is headquartered in Bedford Falls, N.Y. The company provides organic and hybrid treatments to keep lawns and trees green. They service areas in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

  • Full service: SavATree offers a wide variety of services including tree, shrub and lawn care as well as irrigation system management and winterization.
  • Tree risk: Certified arborists assess the risk trees pose to nearby structures and/or power lines. These professionals are trained to understand how trees might fall, and they have special equipment to detect unseen tree decay that might affect the tree’s stability.
  • Deer and tick control: Deer can introduce diseases into homeowners’ lawns and destroy their landscaping. SavATree offer deer repellant services that use ultrasonic technology and odor treatments. Preventing deer from entering a lawn also reduces the presence of ticks, which may carry Lyme disease.
  • Organic materials: SavATree’s organic program only uses ingredients that are Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) listed®. OMRI, an international non-profit organization, determines whether a product can be used in the production of organic products. OMRI Listed® products are allowed for use in USDA certified organic products.
  • Urban water projects: The Urban Waters Federal Partnership (UWFP) is a federal initiative to increase urban communities’ connections with waterways in their neighborhoods. SavATree partners with organizations in the Baltimore area to support this initiative.

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (19)

Weed Man was founded in 1970 in Canada and later began franchising. Weed Man USA started in 1996 and now has over 250 locations across the North America and the United Kingdom. The company offers several lawn care services and pest prevention options.

  • Preventative action: Weed Man service providers focus on building a healthy, thick grass lawn so that weeds cannot grow. Preventative measures include properly fertilizing and watering a lawn, which reduces the need for weed killer.
  • FAQs: The Weed Man website includes a helpful list of answers to frequently asked questions. Anyone caring for a lawn can visit the site to learn about typical problems and solutions.
  • Promotions and coupons: Interested consumers can request a free quote online. When they request the quote they can opt-in to receive information about special promotions and discounts.
  • Lawn and Leisure Magazine: The company produces a digital magazine that consumers can download for free. The magazine includes lawn care tips, outdoor trends and activity suggestions to help individuals enjoy their lawns.
  • Pest control and prevention: Weed Man provides services that help eliminate pests and prevent them from returning. Their service professionals can treat lawns for fleas, ticks, fire ants and white grubs.

Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs (20)

Gibbs Landscape was founded in 1966 in Atlanta and continues to operate in the Atlanta area. The company offers full service landscaping to residential and commercial clients. They also designed and maintain Gibbs Gardens, a residential estate garden that covers almost 300 acres, which visitors can pay to tour.

  • Award winning: Gibbs Landscape has won more than 275 awards from groups like Metro Atlanta Landscape and Turf Association, Associated Landscape Contractors of America Awards and the Southeastern Flower Show. They’ve also won 10 Consumers’ Choice awards.
  • Hardscape installation: The company offers construction services and builds outdoor structures like decks, walkways with paving stones, arbors and more. They make sure the new structure enhances customers’ existing landscaping or landscape plan.
  • Maintenance programs: Interested consumers can choose between two residential maintenance programs. The weekly service program includes everything needed to maintain landscaping. The seasonal program offers general landscape cleanup with some hand pruning, weed control and other necessary services.
  • Blog: Gibbs Landscape’s website includes an informational blog that offers tips for caring for a lawn. Topics include how to help plants survive hot weather, creating pet friendly landscaping, monthly newsletters and more.
  • Galleries: Interested consumers can visit the company’s website to see galleries of images of both residential and commercial landscaping designed and/or maintained by Gibbs Landscape. The photos allow consumers to see the quality of the company’s work and get ideas for how to landscape around their home or business.


Expert grades are based on a combination of criteria including installation and ongoing costs, ease of use, warranty and contract terms, coverage flexibility, customer service, and customer satisfaction.

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Best Lawn Care Services for 2023 | ConsumerAffairs? ›

The gist of the article is that a Tennessee federal judge ruled against a class action suit filed by a Memphis woman who claimed that, in spite of asking TruGreen not to contact her with any more contract offers, the company, using an automatic dialing system, continued to call.

Is there a lawsuit against TruGreen? ›

The gist of the article is that a Tennessee federal judge ruled against a class action suit filed by a Memphis woman who claimed that, in spite of asking TruGreen not to contact her with any more contract offers, the company, using an automatic dialing system, continued to call.

Is TruGreen worth it? ›

Is TruGreen worth the money? TruGreen ranks highly on many lawn service reviews because of the level of care and expertise. Visits every four to six weeks and the Healthy Lawn Guarantee set TruGreen apart from the competition and can be worth the money if your lawn needs a lot of love.

What is the biggest lawn care mistake? ›

  • You're Not Performing Soil Tests.
  • Mowing Too Short.
  • Mowing with Dull Blades.
  • Under-Watering.
  • Over-Watering.
  • Watering at the Wrong Time of Day.
  • Using Too Much Fertilizer.
  • Planting the Wrong Type of Grass.
Apr 26, 2023

How many years does it take to get a good lawn? ›

A new lawn starting from seed can take two to three years to become the thick, healthy carpet you want. Grass is a living plant. It takes time to grow and develop. How fast your grass will fill in depends on several factors, from the type of grass to the amount of sunlight to the time of year.

What are the side effects of TruGreen? ›

Although a growing pool of research links exposure to the pesticides used by TruGreen ChemLawn to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and headaches and chronic illnesses like lymphoma, leukemia, bladder cancer, and learning disabilities, the USEPA continues to register these pesticides for commercial and residential use.

Does TruGreen own Scotts? ›

The company is part of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, which also owns brands such as Hyponex, Earthgro, and Ortho. Scotts used to have a subsidiary called Scotts LawnService that provided lawn care services to consumers around the US. That company combined with TruGreen in 2016.


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