Batman: Arkham City: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (2023)

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Batman: Arkham City: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (1)
We will have to start the game under the control of a cat cat, not Batman, as it might seem. We understand with the people of two-mounted, after which we are hacking a safe where our entire success is interrupted by the declared Harvey.

Penguin craves revenge with Wayne, t.E. With Batman, so kidnap him right at the closure event Arkham City. Come in the dark room, the local doctor of Hugo Strajnzh begins to turn to our nose, which, apparently, wants to get power over all the city. Not thinking, swinging on a chair and free from the dressings. The declared soldier stun Kontrudar, after which another soldier will throw us on the platform to another prisoner. I stand in the queue “A” and pass to the elevator. Rising upstairs, we endure prisoners, after which we help Jack Ryader stand up. At this time, Penguin himself declares. After the conversation with him, we apply to him Consturdar at the moment when he starts to wade. We understand with his people and climb the roof on the ladder, climb on which it is possible by the container with garbage. Now you need to change the salted suit on branded equipment Batman. Jump on the next building with neon sign and, making my way on the ledge, get on the roof. Equipment, we wake a coded radio signal marked with orange circle. You need to save a woman cat from a double. Let’s fly to the building of the court, we deal with the protection and penetrate inside. Silently neutralize the enemy with a weapon, after which we jump down and proceed to the face with a very strongly selection by the public.

Selina saved, you need to examine this place for evidence. Scan the glass in which a joker shot, as well as a hole in the floor from the bullet. Judging by the trajectory of the flight of the bullet, the arrows were in the church nearby, – We follow there. Inside, we celebrate Quinn, which runs to meet us to welcome, apparently. I exhibit a fist forward, after which she is offended and leave the room. But her armed romance that stand ahead, will not let us go. Throw a smoke checker and climb the burrong at the top. Using a detective mode, fly to the last ledge away away, silently jump down and make a double counterdaddar. It remains two bully with hostages. One shower legs, hanging on the forests, second, breaking through the wooden wall. The hostages are released, now you need to examine the place of the shot, then you mean the bell tower. Open the door to the right of the main entrance and climb up. Scanning a sniper rifle, watch a video from Joker, then jump out the window, fleeing from the bomb.Batman: Arkham City: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (2)Batman on guard order.
You need to find Joker to interrog it that he knows about the protocol-10. Search for his lair will have to be on a radio signal. If the signal is clear and denotes more branchist, then we go in the right direction. Also this will help the specified distance to the target. Get to the tower, from where they communicate with Alfred. To get to the plant, you will have to jump into the chimney, which is right immediately.

Jump on the rope forward to the site. Slip under concrete, climb pipes. In order not to burn on coals, we take a bet and, with it, opens the hatch ahead. Jump down, under the ledge overwhelming over the molten iron. We climb on the railing, from where you jump onto other. Being a dead end, we apply an explosive gel on the floor and go down. Give the Batarang and launch it into the red button above the pipe where hot couples come from. We climb into a narrow passage and see the failed execution of the doctor. When all the prisoners are running out, under the grill we will withpower under the remaining clowns and, without entering with them in contact, check on. To remove the steam interfering to us to go further, in the detective mode, we go along the pipe and with the help of a quick half-one we turn off three switches at once at the same time. Now you can with a calm soul to pass by the ill-fated pipe to bring up on the head of the servants of Joker. Observing with them, open the area map and follow the conveyor. Using a detective mode, looking for another way. To do this, follow the conveyor where you open the door using the button here. Silently removing clowns and jump into the following room through the window. Eliminate the rest of the armed gangsters, after which I liberate Dr. Stacy. Take a new weapon and continue to keep the way to Joker.

We return back to the loading shop, but, the door-called People, will not release us from here. To the left of it there is another door, to open which you can use the remote electric factor. Over it open exactly the same way the next door and go to the conveyor. Through ventilation we go to four clowns and we scatter them. Follow the platform where we celebrate Quinn. When that runs to a very broken titanium to Joker – we get an electric pressure and use it to the generator, which is opposite the signboard. Things the crane, demolishing the sign and climb upstairs. From there we will throw off my chungy-headed one-handed clown. Paralyzing it with an electric charge so that he waving his sledgehammer, having struck the clowns a hopeless damage, thereby not forcing us hard to strain. When all clowns are on the floor, we finish a healthy and climb upstairs, where Joker arranged a trap for Batman.Batman: Arkham City: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (3)With a deep desire, you can even fly the “hare” on the helicopter.
Now we will have to play for Selina again. Go on her apartment to pick up some things. Get to the roof, open the grille, we scatter the unreasonable guests and take objects. Now that we are fulfillment, go to Ivy. We destroy her fight-frangov, gradually climbing the levels higher, so as not to suffocate in her poisonous cloud.

Meanwhile, Joker poisoned Batman and requires a medicine to save and herself. Also, the medicine is also necessary to Batman himself, so the frieze will have to find. It is located in the building of the police, the coldest point of Gotama, which is on the shore of the bay. At the entrance cutting two clowns and, with the help of an electric factor, we have half open the door. Slide fly inside, take the chip from the corpse and decrypt the penguin radio signal. We go inside and hidden stun four Penguin people. The remaining fifth fighter is questioning, after which we are trying to get out of the Western. To do this, we spell up to the panel and wake it up using an encryption sequenter. It turns out the word “anatomy”. Let’s go back to the Gotham through the output and go to the museum. At the entrance we deal with the protection and wake the panel, the password from which “fossil”. Penetrating inside and learning to shy away from the knives, jumping into the right window and try to hack the console from the motion sensors, which closes the grid in front. Unsuccessfully, we interfere with military muffles, you will have to destroy them. The first is on the roof of the museum, the second is just north on the roof. The last third is located in the subway. We go to the place and deal with the protection of the outside. Penetrate inside and at the same time stun two fighters. Go down and go out in old subway tunnels. Slip by the car, we blow up the wall of the boards, we scatter three bandits. Hereinafter, we also open the door with an electricity and slip inside. We destroy the armed fighters and are separated with the last muffler. On the same way we return back to the museum.Batman: Arkham City: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (4)Slessless.
We wake up on a new console and get the dinosaur password. We go later and release the prisoner. It turns out this one of the cops that arrived here on the task. However, they are all in captivity, they will have to rescue them together with the frieze. Go down below and go to the door. To raise the grid, use the managed Batarang on the button. We go ahead and go to the arena, where the penguin will shut to us just a huge crowd of prisoners. To escape from this greedy to the flesh of Batman’s crowd, shoot an electric charge in armed people, so that those in paralysis kicked their own associates. When the titanian gangster came out against us, they are drunk from his taran, stun and jerk him. We destroy the rest of the prisoners and the hassle. To go further, we use the controlled Batarang on the button on the left, which is for wire under voltage. We are hacking the panel, the password “Yarsky”. We climb into the elevator, climb, we apply an explosive gel on the ceiling, go down, underminate and rising again. Blast concrete and ice walls. Going to the big hall, we see the penguin frozen the policeman. Saw it, carefully keeping my face. Get to the suspended fleet and, with the help of Betcochilding, we descend it into the water, after which you save two other frozen cops. Now it remains to save five more policemen, the location of which is designated on the map. To begin with, we will go to the weapon, where you save three policemen. Here is the costume of Frieza, but not to see it. We go back to the ice, and we go to another room that opposite the previous one. To go to three teasing bandits, we wake a console with a password “Reptile”. Having installed them lights under the eyes, we pass forward and find the frieze. To the right of it there is an unoccupied wall, smearing on her gel, how suddenly it fell on rolling. Having understood with him, we pass forward and release the frieze, hacking the “Microwave” password. Now you need to go back to the costume back and pick up the module. Having received a destructor of the ice gun, go to the penguin. Run up to it in the emphasis and use the destructor, after which we prescribe a noble bream villain. But, Solomon falls on our head. To win it, with the help of gel we explode three sources of energy three times in a row until we defeat this walking machine for murder. Next, driving away from missiles, we get to the penguin and cut it.Batman: Arkham City: Game Walkthrough and Guide — (5)In Arkham asylum hallucinations, we created scarecrow, now it replaces R’z.
In a detective mode, we scan the blood of the ninja and, following in the footsteps, we go outdo. Blood will withdraw us to the roof of the building where we discover the bandages. Scan them and accumulate on Togo Assassin. Pursuing her, and when catching up, put the counterattack and trailer on her back bug. At this time, Robin declares to us, which will give as a gift. Choosing this useful gadget, go for a bug signal. He will lead us to the island of Joker. After breaking four clowns at the entrance to the sewer, parry down and follow the tunnels. Reaching the cliff to water, pull out the terrestrial and shoot it from it to another end of the passage. But we need to turn left, so when we are on a fork, shoot it in the other direction and thereby get to the place you need. We reach the wall-mounted healthy hatch, at the bottom of which the floor is prolamed. Having broken with Joker’s people, we wake the console – “Transport”. Through the opened gate, we go into the old familiar subway. Turn to the right, go to the door and go to the left, where the water is flying through the cable.

Looking at the collapsed streets, Batman will be alone all because of the same joker poison. Having come to themselves, fly the abyss and separated with clowns. We go to the hall with a miracle, where we save the doctor. Go down and go through the door where Batman will be in no way. To open the gate use the electric power charge. Having encountered three ninjas, we are divided into them and, just like in past times, we open the gate. We go to a huge sealed gate. Just not to open them, you need to find another way to get inside. Fortunately, there is a robot that can be scanned to get video data. But again, unfortunately, it contains not all information in his head, you need to find other robots. One is behind us, two others in the shop windows opposite each other. The fourth is located on the left of the sealed gates in the house on the second floor. From there, we shoot a pin meter in the window with a glass, fly inside, we enhance the building, break the second glass and scan the fifth robot. Last remained, it is located opposite this house on the roof with broken four walls. Looking a video, we learn a secret entrance to the ninja lair. Come to this place, we apply Constur Assassin and use his sword to penetrate inside.

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